Saturday, December 31, 2011

Watchnight Services of the Past

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When I was growing up our church held a Watchnight Service on New Years Eve.

The evening usually began with a pot luck dinner starting around 7:00 o’clock. When all was put away and the kitchen was cleaned up, we would retreat to the main sanctuary

There the service consisted of hymn singing, special music, testimonies, and short sermons by the church staff.

It was a time of thanksgiving, praise, worship and renewed commitments.

Our pastor suggested that we revive our commitment to the Lord and endeavor to support the church with our presence at every service. He also asked us to be willing to support the work of the church with our tithes and to willingly volunteer to help where we could.

Special prayer was offered for those who desired to come forward for the laying on of hands. This scriptural ceremony was a renewing in body and soul for many.

Towards the end of the service; communion was served to seal our resolutions.

As children, to our young bodies, the service seemed very long, but we tried with difficulty to stay awake and receive all that was from God.

I remember the final portion of the service was to come to the front and kneel either at the alter or in the first few rows, and to be in prayer as the New Year arrived.

From the sounds of horns honking and fireworks from the neighbors, we knew that we had passed from one year into the next.

Oh what joy it is to put old things behind us and to begin again afresh with the new.

My Blessing for you this coming year - - -

May this New Year bring to you delights and even thrills as God performs his will in your life.

May doors that seemed closed – open and give you the opportunities you have been expecting and praying for.

May you anticipate and believe that our Lord will do NEW and Great things for you,  IN you and through you, this coming year.

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  1. Hi Hazel - I love your blessings for us. Awesome and fresh and exciting. Praying for your husband's speedy recovery!
    God bless

  2. What a wonderful experience you had! Thanks for the blessings! Happy New Year!!!

  3. The first New Years Eve service that I remember was at Fremont, CA, at an AoG. I had been a Christian for about 3 years and had recently moved from Tacoma to San Mateo, then to Redwood City and while attending a Presbyterian church in San Mateo, the side-visit several of us did was at Fremont, not just that night but for Sunday evening service. It was an absolutely amazing experience to be in service and fellowship for the night. I've done it since, of course, but has never filled my heart quite as much as that one did. Opened my eyes in a deeper way.

    Thanks for sharing. It obviously illuminated something in my heart!


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