Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Few More Days

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Although her birthday to celebrate 100 years is a few days away, there was a special honor presentation today at the Assisted Living Home where mother resides.

The US Railroad Retirement board had sent a letter informing us that a representative Ms Elizabeth Morales would be arriving the morning of December 15 to present a congratulation letter to mother for reaching 100 years.

In attendance were mother’s long time Pastors, Rev. Gene and Beverly Smith of Oroville’s, First Assemblies of God church. Also present was Sherry Long a board member of the Assisted Living Corporation.

We found Mother seated in a wheel chair sleeping.  She enjoyed a nap while we chatted.  Kisses and back rubs did not awake her so while she rested, we visited. 

Elizabeth told us of my dad’s excellent work record for the 35 years that he was employed at the Southern Pacific in Oakland, CA.  She could tell from the work history that he was a hard worker providing for his family. I mentioned that when the family needed extra money, that Dad would go on the extra board. This was a system that allowed employees to work 8 hours on and 8 hours off for short periods of time. During World War II there was often a need for extra help so Dad was willing to do this.

I had given Sherry a write up about mother and her life in Oakland and also when she moved to Oroville.

One outstanding event was the time our City of Oroville was considering to change the name of our annual summer Fiesta Days to DAMN Days. (Just a note that we have the large Oroville Dam near by that is the main water source for a good portion of California.) That day the local newspaper was interviewing residents at the down town post office. Mother was one they asked for her opinion, “Shall we change the name from Fiesta Days to Damn Days?”

Mother boldly spoke up and let it be known, “My parents taught me never to use the Lord’s Name in vain and not to swear and use bad language. I would not approve of the name change.” Her photo and her remarks were printed in the paper. Needless to say, each year we celebrate FIESTA DAYS, and whether mother had anything to do with keeping the name, only God and the city knows for sure.

The Pastor’s wife was given a copy of Mother’s write up and she stated that she will make copies to enclose in Sundays church bulletin for all the church members.

Opening her eyes Mother finally decided she had enjoyed enough nap time. Sherry took a photo of mother, and one of Mom, Elizabeth and me using her photo phone.

One of the staff took mother back to the recreation room, and Sherry escorted us on a tour of the facility. Elizabeth was very impressed with the beauty of the décor and how clean the home is. 
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Only a few more days until Mother will arrive at 100.

Only a few more days and Christmas will be here.

Only a few more days - - - The King is coming! Are you ready?

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  1. Well, Happy Birthday to your Mom. 100 years is a milestone that few reach. Yet compared to spending eternity with the King, 100 year is but a speck of time.

    Yes, I am ready for the King!


  2. "A few more days..." I guess each one is a gift. What a blessing you have in your mom and memory of your dad. Those are the people that honor God as well as make this country great. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday to your beloved mom.

  3. interesting story re your mom:) i enjoyed reading about her...and you:) powerful influence of one sometimes, isn't there?

  4. Only a few more days... the King is coming, are we ready? Great reminder to be prepared
    God bless

  5. What a wonderful gift for your mother. Our next door neighbor turned 100 in September. She is such a jewel as I'm sure your mother is also.

  6. What a beautiful story...please wish your mother a very Happy Birthday. Also a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you all.

    Blessings, Barbie D

  7. I'm so looking forward to those many "few more days" events. So much to hope for.

    Sounds like your Mom was a real treat when our culture change attempts needed someone to step up to the plate clearly. Good goin'.


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