Monday, April 30, 2012

Can an Affair be Forgiven?

Jesus forgives the Woman
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Certainly an affair can be forgiven, and if everyone concerned sincerely desires the marriage to be repaired, and there is true repentance, AND they can each honor new vows of faithfulness, so be it.

Then there is the other side, when there seems to be no reconciliation. God is a covenant God and the covenant of marriage was broken badly. A broken covenant releases those in covenant. Some have questioned if the injured parties can re-marry?

Might I suggest that God is fair and just, and when his children are caught in a bad situation, He is able to offer plan B for a new future.  God has said that it is NOT good for man to be alone.

Let me tell you a story that is probably true - -  Many years ago there was a young married couple who enjoyed the company of some very good “Best friends.” One day they discovered that their mates were having an affair with the other party’s spouse, and these unfaithful ones had already decided they wanted to leave the present marriages in exchange for a new arrangement.

Our two innocent young people were devastated, especially because the one "adulterous" wife had not only been untrue, but she had also deserted her tiny baby and young toddler in order to have this other husband.

Our victimized persons seriously talked it over and decided that they really liked each other, and perhaps the most sensible and best thing they could do for the children and for each other, was for them to marry as well. So they did.

The new wife raised those boys as her own, and eventually they had two more boys that were theirs. They have been happily married for many years with grown grandchildren and are actively serving the Lord. 

This was an unusual situation and they made the best of it with a happy ending for at least two of them. 

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost and Found

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Sunday’s sermon was Pastor Jerry speaking on the 23rd Psalm. 

Herein are notes I gleaned from his message.  He mentioned about his first funeral that he did not know the deceased, and was at a loss to know how to handle the service. He asked the funeral director for some pointers, and it was suggested that the 23rd Psalm was always good to use.

Since then he has noted that many times the 23rd Psalm is helpful to bring comfort, to console, to ease pain and to convey well being to those who are hurting.

Usually when we memorize the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm, it is from the King James Bible. The beauty of the language carries us into worship and adoration of our God.

Sheep are mentioned through out the Bible. David was the young shepherd boy when King Saul was chasing him endeavoring to kill him. David wrote many of the Psalms and they are filled with worship, praise, and also with fear, anxiety and sadness.

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Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and he told Peter to “feed my lambs.” Sheep are nice animals, but they are not the smartest of their kind. They get lost easily and need to stay with the flock and be protected. The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep and that is what Jesus did.

Throughout history the children of Israel have often turned their back on their God. It was easier to worship the heathen gods, because “no demand was placed on them.”

Often they were carried off into captivity and would cry out to God to save them. He would come to the rescue and bring them back into their land.  Many times they continued to repeat this lost and found scenario.

In 1948 Israel received their Land back, but it has never known peace and still is in unrest.

There is comfort in the 23rd Psalm. We all want the green pastures, the still waters, and the cup running over. Then at times we rush off to the God of money, fame, entertainment or simply busyness and forget our Lord.

Consider a time when you felt real fear. Perhaps it was a phone call at night, a death in the family, or a diagnosis from the doctor.

Many react to fear by running. The majority run the fastest when they have lost their way and mistakes were made. They may be convinced that God is not leading, so they try “short-cuts.”

I suppose it is almost an insult to be likened to a sheep, because we don’t feel lost. Yet we are lost in grief, shame or regrets about things done or left undone. Numerous persons are busy trying to “find themselves.”

The effectiveness of the 23rd Psalm is finding comfort to those facing crisis, discovering hope in a world of fear and realizing that Salvation is found in Jesus Christ.

We always are following someone. Follow God and be found by Him.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Are we Rich Now?

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 “Are We rich or are we poor?” asked Billy’s daughter.  Billy Coffey is one of my favorite blog sites, among many - - and he recently wrote a post that I think you will enjoy - - CLICK HERE  to go there.

* * * * *

In the early 1970’s our children wondered the same thing; Were we now rich,? when my husband went into business for himself.

Jealousy in the heart of the boss’s son (and the boss’s wife), caused my husband to lose his secure job, but his boss told him that he would help him go into business for himself.

My husband was afraid to try this alone and wanted to bring in the son of his old boss as a partner. Instead I encouraged him not to do that as it would be a linking together with an unbeliever.  Instead I would help him and God would be our partner. My husband had peace about it and agreed.

Robert studied hard for the test, and it all was a process but God gave him wisdom, and he passed the contractors license test in a breeze.

We secured a loan and purchased a flat bed truck and placed ads in the paper. His old boss even made us a deal to have us help him with some of his subcontracting work for a percentage.

image courtesy
Now we were a company and that had prestige. Our children asked me if we were now rich? I had to sit them all down and explain that prior to this new event in our lives, their Dad had to depend on his boss for work, and now we had to depend on God to give us jobs so we could earn our daily bread. I urged them to be happy, but not proud in an "I'm better than you" attitude.

I think we worked harder than ever before especially that first year. The placing of ads in the paper, the giving of bids and follow up all took time.

God blessed us and we both worked at this new endeavor. I took phone calls, ran errands to secure permits, did the books along with taxes, and my husband did the hard part - - the actual job. No we weren’t rich, but not poor either, just hard working - - working class people.

I suppose in many ways - - we were rich too!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Prom Substitute and Party Punch

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When our two girls were about to graduate from High School, our Church Denomination who did not approve of dancing decided to provide an alternate celebration for all those who wanted a very nice graduation party.

Our district churches were all participating and it was to be held at the municipal auditorium. A lovely dinner would be served and there would follow a comedian, some music, magic and other fun entertainment.

Our youth pastor encouraged the boys to select a date from the girls of the church and escort them to the party. The Pastor’s daughter was without a date, so our girls bugged me to ask our son Steve, if he would please invite her to the party. At first he refused, and was not too happy - - but finally he agreed to call her on the phone and invite her.

When she answered, and he asked, and she replied, “That sounds like fun and I would love to go.”

Our excited girls went shopping for new dresses, and I purchased some replica (fake) rabbit fur stoles for glamour. The boys rented tuxedos and they were all decked out so beautifully.

Steven being the oldest was to drive our van, so the group piled into the van and off they went.

When the party was over, the kids decided to drive across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco and walk along Fisherman’s Wharf. The night was cool with a large full moon and they were all joking and laughing while having an enormously good time.

Soon they came across a man who appeared to be a bit tipsy and was having trouble walking straight, so our son Steve helped him steady himself. The man opened his wallet and handed Steve a ten dollar bill.

“Thanks,” Steve said, “I appreciate it, but it is not necessary.” The man insisted so Steve accepted it. One of the boys suggested they better buy some gas with the money so they did.

Midnight was the promised time to return the van, and the laughter and fun continued all the way back to town and as they delivered each child safely to their homes. As the girls returned into our home they all wanted to talk at once and tell us what an exciting evening it turned out to be. Steve being more serious departed to his room and to bed.

These were all good kids from our church and this entire event was a wonderful experience with some good memories.

Better than the prom? - - Yes, they all agreed.

* * * * * * *

If you are hosting your own party, may I submit the perfect party Punch?

image courtesy
Luscious Slush Punch from All
Submitted by Valerie Lynne for that special occasion

Original Recipe Yields 50 (4 ounce) servings

• 1 1/2 cups white sugar
• 6 cups water
• 2 (3 ounce) packages strawberry flavored gelatin mix
• 1 (46 fluid ounce) can pineapple juice
• 2/3 cup lemon juice
• 1 quart orange juice
• 2 (2 liter) bottles lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage


1. Bring the sugar, water, and strawberry flavored gelatin to a boil in a large saucepan; boil for 3 minutes. Stir in the pineapple juice, lemon juice, and orange juice. Divide mixture into 2 separate containers and freeze.

2. Combine the contents of 1 container with 1 bottle of the lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage in a punch bowl; stir until slushy. Repeat with remaining portions as needed.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Speak to your Mountain

Silence Please
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When you have stirred up our old enemy - - He gets angry and hates to be exposed.

So what does Satan do? He deposits some large "mountains" in our path.

The same day that my daughter and I posted our stories about abuse -child abuse and about abuse on women all hell broke loose.  (click on the highlighted words to view the posts.)

Also our enemy probably did not like the article on how to receive Healing from Hurts.

So what did he do?  He attacked with - - shall we call it BIG mountains being dumped.

I began to take authority over anger and harsh words and claimed peace over our household, and our daughter began to pull down strong holds over her dwelling.

Neither she or I gave each other details on our mountains, but why bother, we knew where those mountains came from. We also knew that God is the one who can remove the mountain - or blast it away.

Our part is to speak to the mountain and tell it that it is unwanted and command it to Go in Jesus name. What ever you are doing for the Lord and a mountain shows up - understand that you have exposed Satan and he is angry.

My message to anyone who has discovered a mountain in your path:  Don't quit!

Don't back off in your efforts for our Lord, but keep on sending out those good words to give encouragement, assistance and to bring deliverance to those in chains of bondage.
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As you are obeying what God has called you to do -- may you be surrounded with the protective garments of peace and praise.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

I Want You to Have my Mink Stole

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The details were not clear to me, but the story my mother-in-law told was that she had won a beautiful mink stole in a “Raffle.”

I remember how proudly she wore it to church and it was truly a remarkable addition to her wardrobe.

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One day as I visited her, I remarked about her face. “What happened to you?” as I noticed the big bruises under her eyes and cheeks. Her simple explanation was “I fell.”

Thinking back to other times when she “fell,” and there were broken ribs and one time a broken arm caused me alarm. Not being satisfied with her answer I kept after her until she admitted that her older teen age son, had smacked her good one.

Apparently she had tried to stop him from going through her purse looking for money and he got very angry.

In her way of thinking she believed the lie, that she was at fault, and deserved this type of treatment.

You and I know the truth. No one deserves abuse.

Thinking to myself, I know that boys want to be just like their dad, and when they continually view their dad hit their mother, it seems easy for them to do likewise.

Things were getting worse in the home with the men and boys drinking on the week ends. There were times that her husband instead of hitting her would use other insulting methods.

One new approach was for her husband to take his knife and rip up her good dresses that she wore to church. My mother-in-law treasured nice clothes, and for them to be cut into small pieces was a cruel and malicious abuse of another kind.

As I visited her on that day she went into her closet and returned with her precious mink stole. “Here,” she said, “I want you to have my mink stole, because I know you will take care of it.”

Reading between the lines, I knew exactly what she was thinking, so I accepted her gift and took it home.  Even today it still hangs in my closet protected.

A short time later she came to live with us bringing with her the youngest son.  As time went by, her husband received some counseling from our pastor, and they decided to get back together and return to Tennessee, hoping for a new life.

In a way I was glad, but as they prepared to leave California, I told her, “I am not letting you take 12 year old Douglas; he is staying with me, because it will be best for him.” There was no arguing with me because she knew it was true.

I wish I could tell you that all was honey and roses after that, but the change did some good for her and the family.

A year later they returned to California, but I told her again, Douglas is staying with us, and he did for a total of five years. When he was seventeen he decided to move back home with his parents. He loved his mother and was a blessing to her in her final years.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Healing the Hurts

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April has been declared Prevent Abuse month.  Any abuse need to stop.  Many are still suffering the effects of various forms of abuse.  Our hope is that in considering these few words that follow - - you may discover healing and peace.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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Have you ever considered that “Words” heard in your mind may be a LIE and not truth?

Usually in childhood, many have experienced all types of terrible abuse, from sexual to physical and worse. At the moment it occurs, there comes floating into the consciousness “The Lie.”

These lies find their place in the mind and stay there as long as they are believed. The lie may say, “You are bad or this would not have happened,” or “this was entirely your fault,” or “you are not worth anything,” or “you deserved this,” and the victim believes the lie.

These or other harsh words can cripple because they are untrue, but at the time they were believed.

Healing comes when it is discovered that what was believed during the abuse - - was a lie, and that Jesus is the Truth. Others may hurt us with their words, but often we join in adding untruth about our self.  We say words to demean our selves, like "How could I do a stupid thing like that?" or “I am so dumb.”

We must learn to speak of ourselves as God sees us as creative, smart, loving, kind, gentle and special.  We are His child and he loves us unconditionally, and is proud of us.

Find a quiet place if you can, and allow yourself to go back in time and take another look at the mistreatment. As you do this - - Identify the lie that you heard and believed. Now pray and ask Jesus to reveal his Truth to you. Listen again and let Jesus speak to you. Hear what He tells you and believe what he says. His words are kind, loving and truthful, because He is the Truth and the Life.

If you were ever a victim, please do not pass over lightly the above admonition. Read it all again and do find that quiet place and allow your memory to go back in time to the event. Stop and find the lie you believed, Look around for Jesus and Listen and hear the Truth he has to tell you.

While forgiveness is important, this method of healing presented here is about listening for the lie and listening to Jesus tell you the truth.  The Truth will set  you free.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Letter to the Bride

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Letter to the Bride,

You are of all women most fortunate to be marrying a Christian man who has been raised in the ways of the Lord.

It is your duty to respect, honor and cherish him. Tell him with WORDS daily that you love him; then show him in small ways that you care about him and desire him. You will discover that small acts of kindness are received better than expensive gifts. Prepare his favorite meals and bake him cookies now and then.

Always show him courtesy and treat him with respect in every way. If you are faithful to show respect and love it will be returned to you.

When it comes to sex, try not to ever say no, Agree between you what is acceptable.

Never embarrass him in public, or berate him to your friends or family. He is now a part of you and if you treat him unwisely, you will only do yourself harm.

Listen to him carefully when he speaks to you. Understand that listening to your husband can at times save you a lot of heartache. It is acceptable to give your opinion, but the husband should always make the final decisions.

Because your husband is now the head of the house, understand that it is up to him to establish a Godly Home. Find a church to call home, one that you are both happy with and then fellowship with other Christian married couples.

Although it is true that couples will have disagreements, never stay angry at each other. Before the sun goes down, make peace and forgive each other. Always give him the benefit of the doubt and understand that men can be proud and stubborn at times.

Walk in forgiveness towards each other, and do not be the obstinate person that must always have the last word. Allow him to speak for himself and not you for him.

Pray together, read the Bible together and love each other with a pure heart and your marriage will last a life time as it should.

Love, Grandma Hazel

Friday, April 20, 2012

Is My Name Written There?

Gloria's List
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When you receive honor without deserving it or being aware of it, now that is a treat.

I regularly read “God Spotting with Sheila,” and as I read Sheila’s post about Lists, I was thinking how I hate to make out even a grocery a list.

Sheila mentioned a list of 50 lady bloggers all under 40 ish, that had been compiled by Sarah Bessey. These ladies minister as speakers and write deeply on faith.

Sarah could have created a list of 200 or more Christian lady bloggers who contribute into cyber space regularly so if your name was not included there please understand.

Enter Diana Trautwein a retired but active minister who is endeavoring not to be slighted by age, compiled her own list of 50 Mature Lady Bloggers.

Diana wrote to Sarah saying, "Hey! Here's an awesome list of us mature lady bloggers! And Blogger Sarah Bessey was happy to publish the the list here - - 50 Women Bloggers Over age 50.

Sarah invited  all readers to comment on her site and add other Mature Bloggers who you may know about.

My friend Sheila of “God Spotting with Sheila” was honored and blessed to find her name written there.

Curious as I was to view the list, I speculated as to who all might be noted there??

I wondered if our daughter Nancy Kehr would be there. Also my friend JoAnn Norton and Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web - - these sweet ladies are all over age 50. 

There are others too, and finding new Blogging friends is exciting and rewarding.

Honestly I was not searching for my name – but inquisitively I reflected, would my name be written there?

image courtesy photobucket
I was drawn to think about another list in a book that is in heaven. God calls it the Lamb’s Book of Life. All the names are written there of those who will be allowed to enter heaven’s gates.

This book in heaven contains the most important list that anyone would ever desire to have their name written there.

May I inquire, Is your name written there?

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

In the Pot 20 years Old

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In the mid 1960’s our church ladies enjoyed bi-weekly woman’s ministry meetings where we sewed for the missionaries, and also wrapped bandages from old sheets for the Lepers.  One faithful lady was not even a member of our church, but she did take pleasure in working with our group.

Each week our faithful lady would place her dollar into the offering, and remark that she wished she had a million dollars so she could give it all to the Lord.  I thought to myself that the Lord doesn’t want the million dollars we don’t have, but he does desire the ten percent of the dollars in our pocket.

At each of our meetings, at noon we usually made a pot of coffee to go with our sandwiches. Often one of the ladies would bring a cake, and that was always a treat as well. There is special fellowship around the table when family and friends get together.

One day our faithful lady brought us a gift of a large can of coffee. We heartily thanked her for her gift and placed it into the cupboard, because we already had an opened can that we were using.

A few weeks later we had a work day at church and there was a nice turn out. My husband asked me to make the big pot of coffee to enjoy with the lunch that had been prepared  for the workers; and so I did - - opening the can of coffee that our faithful lady had brought.

Lunch was ready and my husband decided to sample the coffee.   He gasped, "Awful - terrible" and spit at the same time. “What on earth is this? It is the most horrible thing I have ever tasted,” blurted my husband.

I took him at his word, and we carefully examined the offensive can. It seemed that this can contained coffee that had been hoarded during World War II when coffee was so scarce. At that time, there was rationing coupons for many items including coffee. Our faithful lady and her husband had stocked up on coffee and kept some of the cans for over 20 years. The coffee inside the can was old, rancid and stale.

Needless to say, we dumped all the offensive coffee, and opened a new fresh can.

We gave our faithful lady the benefit of the doubt, and never revealed to her how bad her gift actually was.

I am reminded that in the Bible, God always required a sacrifice that was without blemish and was the best that the person could offer.

As we prepare to gift our offerings to our church, may we always bring to the Lord that which He requires! 

Allow your attitude be one of Joyful giving as you cheerfully bring your sacrifice to our God.

* * * * * * * * *

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Scroll down for my easy to make Cake has some instant coffee in the recipe, Enjoy

image courtesy Folgers Coffee Recipes

Mocha Chocolate Cake flavored with Coffee 

•  Cooking Spray
• 2 tablespoons Instant Coffee
• 1 1/4 cups water, divided
• 1 (18.25 oz.) package Devils Food Cake
• 1/2 cup Pure Vegetable Oil
• 3 large eggs

• 1 (16 oz.) container Chocolate Fudge Frosting
• 2 teaspoons Instant Coffee Crystals
• 1 teaspoon hot water


1. HEAT over to 350°F. Coat two 8- or 9-inch round cake pans with no-stick cooking spray. Dissolve 2 tablespoons coffee crystals in 1/4 cup hot water. Stir in 1 cup cool water to total 1 1/4 cups liquid.

2. BLEND cake mix, coffee mixture, oil and eggs in a large bowl until moistened. Beat with mixer on medium speed for 2 minutes. Spread evenly in prepared pans. Bake 27-36 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pans on wire rack 10 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely before frosting.

3. DISSOLVE 2 teaspoons coffee crystals in 1 teaspoon water. With a table knife, make a well in center of frosting in container. Add coffee mixture. Slowly stir until well blended.

4. PLACE 1 cake layer, top side down, on serving plate. Spread with frosting. Top with second layer, top side up. Frost sides and top of cake with remaining frosting.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Approved - - A Legal Child (repost)

Approved - Custody
image courtesy

The kids shuffled downstairs. Chairs scooted in and out at the breakfast table. Sleepy children yawned as they all gathered for morning devotions and Bible reading. This was how we began the day.

But today was a little different. We had a new house guest, a young girl, Nancy, who eventually became a part of our family. I read out loud from the Book of Ephesians:

“Let him that stole - - steal no more: but rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to those who are in need.”

Nancy sat up straight and asked, “Where is that found?”

I told her I was reading in the book of Ephesians chapter four.

Multiple problems had plagued Nancy’s family until she found herself without a place to call home. Her mother, a good friend of the family, was desperate and had asked if we would take Nancy. After speaking with my husband we agreed to accept her into our home.

The Bible reading completed, it was time for the children to get ready for school. My youngest daughter could not find her shoes. We searched all the familiar places, but they were not to be found. Finally, I asked the Lord to help me find those shoes.

“Behind the sofa”, He seemed to whisper.
Yes, indeed, there they were - in a place so unexpected!

I asked Nancy if she knew how they got there. With a smug little voice that sounded like she had just “Got even”, she indicated that my daughter did not take care of her shoes and so she had taught her a lesson!

I tried not to laugh! Our children understood that they were to respect each other’s property, and if they saw money or other things lying around, it was off limits

I explained that, in our household, we do not teach each other lessons. Each person in the family is responsible for their own belongings. We also LIVE in our house, so sometimes things just do not stay in place.

Rather than start setting down blunt rules, I chose to use the Bible to turn on the light of our family principles.

Nancy was so sweet and I discovered that she was a quick learner. Nancy desired to please us and she also wanted to please the Lord.

So, off to school we went. More challenges! As much as we had decided to include Nancy in our family, I discovered that I could not enroll her in school because she was not a relative. What a problem!

I was advised that the only way she could be enrolled was for us to become legal Foster Parents. That was not an easy task. We had to be finger- printed, by the police department and have a home inspection by social services.

Each of our four children were interviewed and asked if they would accept Nancy into the family. They all answered, “Yes.” In no time at all, we were approved legally, and so was Nancy. She had all the privileges of the other children in our home.

What does it mean to be legal? In the USA it is to have a birth certificate saying you were born here, or naturalization papers. In heaven, it means to have your name written in the Lamb’s book of Life, signifying that you were born again. Accepting Jesus as your Savior puts your name in the book in Heaven and then you are legal with legal rights that come with it.

Years ago I can remember hearing Rev David duPlessis minister at our church. He told us that God has NO Grandchildren. God also has NO Step children or Foster Children.  We must not rely on our Parents, grandma, teachers or Government agencies to get us into heaven. Each of us must be born into the family of God and although we can sing “God of our Fathers.”  He must be our personal God. We then become legitimate children of God receiving all the privileges that are ours because God is our legal Father.

Simply put, this is how to become a legal Christian. You say with your mouth that you believe Jesus was born and that He died on the cross for you. Acknowledge that He was buried, that He rose from the dead and is now seated in heaven. Then you tell him that you intend to follow him all the days of your life and invite him to come live in your heart. The Bible says that all those who come to the Father God in the name of Jesus, he will receive and not cast out. He approves you as His child.  Now wasn’t that easy?

The question is - - Are you a legally approved child of God?

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Flower Girl

Flower Girl drops her rose petals
image courtesy

Often as a very young child, I would sit with my mother on the piano bench as she played the hymns at the Exeter Assembly of God church.  If the evening service was long, she would place a quilt under the front pew for me to take a nap.

There were times when mother would have me go up front on the platform and sing, “Yes Jesus Loves me,” for the enjoyment of the congregation. Although I was shy most of the time, singing for the people was something both I and they enjoyed.

One of the young ladies at the church was planning a wedding, and asked my mother if I could be the flower girl.  Mother said that could be arranged, and she would sew me a pretty dress.

The lady gave mother some material and with her old treadle Singer machine, my mother made me a lovely dress to wear in the wedding.

Practice for the wedding was simple. The lady told me all I had to do was walk down the aisle to the frong and then stand (very still) while the preacher performed the ceremony. 

The day of the wedding the lady gave me a pretty basket to carry that looked similar to an Easter Basket and inside there were rose petals. She informed me that I must drop small handfuls of the petals in the aisle, and to keep walking.

As I concentrated on doing this right, and being so I carefull while dropping petals along the way, I walked very slow.  Actually I was so concerned in doing a good job, that I stopped several times to view my work.

The lady whispered, “You are doing great. Just keep walking - - you have scattered enough roses now.”

I was so proud that I could do a good job for the lady, and mother was happy too.

When it comes to doing work for the Lord, we should take some pride at least in doing well. Not the sort of proud that causes one to become puffed up and haughty, but one that gives satisfaction and pleasure in accomplishment. This is well pleasing to God also.

Matthew 17:5 While he yet spoke, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

God was always pleased with Jesus and my desire is that He be delighted with me!

How about you, are you seeking to satisfy the Lord?

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

It’s Still Not Over Yet!!

Thomas said, "My Lord and My God!"
image courtesy
Pastor Jerry opened the Sunday service by reading from John 20:19-31, the story of Thomas not believing that Jesus was alive unless he could see him and touch him.

Jesus did come alive and continues to come alive in each new believer who receives him into their heart and life.

Pastor Jerry related a story of a man in an art gallery standing at a painting of Jesus hanging on the cross. He wept as he could visualize the pain and suffering of our Lord. A small girl came along side the man and he asked her if she knew who this was, and she replied, “This is Jesus and we learned about him in Sunday school.” The man continued to weep and the girl finally tugged at his coat and said, but the story is not over yet, because Jesus is alive and lives today.

We have taken many paths to reach today; previous Easters, Lent, Ash Wednesday Maundy Thursdays, good Fridays, perhaps Holy Saturday then the commemoration of His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. We continue to celebrate He is Risen.

On the road to Emmaus
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Jesus is always alive daily and moment by moment in our lives. He appeared to his followers and at first they did not recognize him. They mistook him for a gardener, and again as a traveler walking on the road to Emmaus.

They were fearful and hid behind locked doors, but twice Jesus appeared to them through the walls and into the room where they were hiding.

Thomas not being with them, said he would not believe until he could see and prove to his senses that Jesus was truly alive.

Later when Jesus invited Thomas to touch the nail prints and thrust his hand into his side, Thomas proclaimed, “My Lord and My God.” Jesus replied, “Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believed.” That includes each of us for we accept by faith that Jesus is alive. We know His touch in our lives as we feel His presence with us.

Jesus told his friends, Peace be with you, and then He breathed on them and said, “Receive ye the Holy Spirit.” At that time the disciples became born again.

Change was happening daily, and within days they were to be filled with the Holy Spirit and power to become witnesses for Him. Their lives were about to drastically change again and they would never be the same.

Change can be scary and affect family security and bring uncertainty. This call to ministry would change the world.

There is change in lives when believers receive Jesus.

There is restoration and renewal for those who drift away but return, and strength to live daily as God planned.

May we together say, My Lord and My God! As we believe that Jesus is alive as he said,

May His Peace be continually with you.

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Easter Never Ends

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Mark 4:37
 And there arose a great storm

 and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.
But Jesus spoke and said, Peace Be Still! 

Easter Never Ends

My praises swiftly rise to thee,
Like the sea billows rolled,
For Christ alone is worthy!
Let praises ring out as a bell is tolled.

He is worthy to be praised,
A Lamb sinless was slain,
In fear and wonder I am amazed,
He is not dead for he rose again.

Some find it difficult to believe,
How can one raise from the dead?
We question and wonder how?
The answers are not in our head!

It is with our hearts that we believe,
Our changed lives let it be known,
Truth must in the spirit be received,
A New life walks among us to be shown.

We see him - - He is everywhere,
Christ Jesus lives today,
Never to doubt or despair
He lives in me and guides along the way.

Hazel Moon 04/15/2012

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fifth Grade trip to Mt Herman and Milk Shakes

When Traveling Stop for a Milkshake !!
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Our fifth grade class had been studying about the California Missions, and the early settlers including the Indians.  Our teacher wanted us to experience a real mission first hand.  Her family had a mountain cabin that could sleep a crowd by using an attic filled with mattresses and also using the carpeted downstairs floor. 

She volunteered to escort our class to take a series of field trips to Mount Herman and on the way to visit the Mission in San Jose.

Our teacher sent out permission slips for our parents to sign and return. We anxiously awaited our turn for this expedition. 

Dividing our class into four groups - - each week end, our teacher made a trip with one of the groups of children.  This included a stop at the mission in San Jose and a tour by the Priest.

Each of us had been assigned a contribution for our dinner once we arrived at the cabin. Then we went to visit some shut in neighbors and sing some of the songs we had been learning in school. The neighbors cordially welcomed us, and seemed to enjoy our singing, and a visit from children was a much appreciated treat for them.
Swing in the tree
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Because our family did not own a sleeping bag, mother had created one for me out of a quilt and some cozy blankets. It probably kept me warmer than some of the other girls.

The next morning our teacher provided a lovely breakfast, and then we girls took turns on the swing. The tree that held the swing was next to a cliff over-hang so as we swung, our bodies went flying out into space, and what a thrill that was.

On the return trip home we were to bring enough money so we could all stop for a milk shake and stretch our legs before the final jaunt for home. Although I had enjoyed ice cream on occasion, I had never had a milk shake before so to me this was a luxurious treat.

Arriving back at the school, our parents were there to welcome us home and to help us unload our things.

Although this was an exciting adventure for me, I was happy to be home, and to be able to sleep in my own bed.

The saying “There is no place like home” is so very true.

These days I think often about heaven and how real it is. It will be like coming home after a long journey – an extended trip that has made us weary and all tired out. Jesus will be there to welcome us home, but we will not unload any suitcases and sleeping bags, because you cannot bring anything with you.  All your wealth and fortune is left behind.

However your treasures may be sent on ahead while you are still here.

Jesus said, “Lay not up for your selves treasures on earth where moth and rust does corrupt, but lay up treasures in heaven.”

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Old Fashioned Chocolate Milkshake

1 cup chocolate or vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup whole milk
3 - 4 tablespoons chocolate syrup
Put all the ingredients in the canister of a blender. Blend until smooth.

Want a different milkshake ?? Try this one


1 whole sliced banana
2 heaping tablespoons peanut butter
4 scoops ice cream
(slightly more than 1 cup milk)

Place all ingredients in the blender. Start on crush to make sure the banana pieces and the peanut butter blend together. Put the blender on smoothie until the milkshake is nice and smooth.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Mother I Hate You

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Angry words Spoken in Haste are not easily forgotten!  I learned from my mother to watch my words.

“I HATE YOU!” Yes, I said those words once as a small child when I was very upset with my Mother.

Mother quickly responded and instructed me that there are some words to which a person should never give a voice. The word HATE is one of them.

She let me know that the person to whom I had spoken these words would always remember what I had said! Ouch! Thinking back I still remember that early incident.

Mother continued, “No matter how much you beg forgiveness and say you are sorry, the person will continue to remember those words that you spoke in haste.”

This may have been the time she told me the story about the girl releasing the feathers from her pillow. Although she might be able to retrieve a few of them, most of they could never be recovered.

“Yes, Mother, I love you and I do not believe I have ever told a person since that time that I hated them.”

The Bible was Mother’s tool for emphasis. It always made an impact on me! Mother explained that the Bible tells us not to stay angry. While it is not a sin to be angry, it is our obligation to make things right with the other person before the sun goes down.

“Ahhhh, Thank you dear Mother....”You taught me to forgive even when I did not feel like forgiving! You taught me to keep certain words unspoken.

So my friend, here is my challenge to you. Are you setting a watch before the words of your mouth? Do practice telling those who are close to you that you love them?

Do you use words to show your love even as you show love by your actions? Take special care to use words of respect that build up and not words that tear down relationships. Words can hurt or words can heal – it is your choice.

And, last of all, are you also acting out the Lord’s Prayer and forgiving those who you think are sinning against you?

Just do it! It’s a lot easier to forgive the more often you do it.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012


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Our minister Pastor Jerry at church on Sunday used Mark 16: 1-8 as his scripture.

Early on Easter morning the women came to the tomb and finding it empty were terribly distressed. An Angel told them to go and tell the others that Jesus was not there for he had risen from the dead. The women told no one at first because they were afraid.

When they gained courage they ran to find the disciples who were weeping and grieving and told them that Jesus was alive but they refused to believe. His faithful followers did not understand even after they had been with Jesus for three years and heard his repeated message that he must die but in three days he would raise from the dead.

It took several appearances by Jesus to finally convince them that He was risen indeed as He had said. Finally Jesus appeared to over 500 at one time as He gave the great commission to go and tell others that all was not lost and that it was NOT over yet.

Each of the New Testament Gospels ends with his disciples going and telling and working miracles as Jesus commanded them to do.

Pastor Jerry told a story of a group of 60 Seminary students who were instructed within 12 minutes to prepare a 10 minute sermon on the Good Samaritan. They were then to rush to the recreation room where cameras would record their sermons. What they did not know was they were being “set up.” An actor had been hired to lie along the path that they would take. He had fake blood on him, his clothing was torn and he appeared beaten up. Of the 60 students 57 hurried past him, thinking that someone else would attend to this fellow. Three of the 60 students stopped to offer help to the supposed injured man. The lesson for them that day was - - Not to be in such a hurry to GO and TELL their message, that they neglected to consider people who were hurting.

Another illustration was a story of a young youth minister who gathered young people from his church and also from the neighborhood to minister to them. Some had little or no knowledge of the life of Christ and what He had accomplished. One day the Youth Minister dressed in a shepherds robe and gathered the young people in the church basement around a simulated bonfire. Beginning at the birth of Jesus he took them through his baptism, the miracles and finally to the garden. As he told of the arrest of Jesus and the beatings he endured all was silent, but when he began to tell of the nailing of Jesus to the cross to die, one young boy in tears yelled out, “Man Stop.” One of the Christian young people bent over and whispered “It is alright, because “IT IS NOT OVER YET.”

Today it is up to us as believers to tell the story that Easter is Everyday – Jesus is risen and He lives.

There are many who need to know - - that “IT IS NOT OVER YET.”

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Vinegar will not quench your thirst!

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God Has Emotions

I have thought about the emotions and sorrow that God must feel when His beloved creation turns their back on him and goes their own way.

When Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit, what a gut kick God must have felt and a hollowness deep in his stomach to know that, "Oh No this is it - this is the beginning of pain, sorrow and suffering."

God probably repented right then and there of creating woman, for would man have eaten of the fruit if it were not for woman? We can only guess about that.

The heart of God must break every day as he views this world. How much longer can he delay to send Jesus back, and end all of these goings on we see around us?

Jesus sorrowed and during His earthly ministry His emotions ran high at times. On one occasion He turned over the money tables right there in the Temple. He was angry because the people were not showing respect for God’s house. He roared, “My house is a house of prayer and you have made it a den of thieves!”

While Jesus was on the cross He was grieved because of the betrayal by His close friends. He could have allowed his emotions to rescue him off that cross, but He did not!

Now it is an amazing thought that if Jesus would have followed his emotions while on the cross, he could have called fire down, or a host of angels, or broke his bonds at any time.

He did speak, but it was in caring for his mother giving John instructions to provide for her.

He spoke again, “I thirst,” and they offered him vinegar, but it would not quinch His thirst !!

Then again He spoke to the thief by his side, “This day you shall be with me in Paradise.” He spoke more words, "It is Finished!" meaning he had completed all He had been sent to do. “Father into your hands I commend my Spirit.” (Notice Jesus knew where His spirit was going.)

His only other requirement was to go and preach to the Old Testament saints, grab the keys to hell, and in three days to rise from the dead.

God honored the finished work of Jesus and to display his acceptance; God split the curtain in the Holy of Holies from top to bottom that had separated man from God.

We are now urged to come boldly into the Holy Place and speak directly to our Father, God.

If Jesus had let his emotions get away from Him while on the cross - He would have ruined the Father’s whole plan of Salvation.

Aren’t you glad Jesus followed through when He prayed, “Not my will but thine be done?”

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


“Ride on Ride on Majesty” was our opening hymn on Sunday as Pastor Jerry was again our guest minister.

He reminded us who may have seen the movie Rain Man that the story was about Raymond who was not given the inheritance he thought he deserved. Instead it went to an autistic younger brother Charles who Raymond did not even know existed. His plans involved kidnapping his brother and driving him to California where he hoped somehow to steal the inheritance for his own. Charles could not pronounce Raymond’s name and called his newly found brother “Rain Man.” As the story unfolds there begins to develop a meaningful relationship, eventually one into true brothers who love each other.

The Jewish Nation was looking for their inheritance and a King who would rule and reign saving them from their oppressors. They were hoping that Jesus was that expected one!

It appeared to many that Jesus might be the Messiah that they were longing for. Many had witnessed miracles and heard his teachings, and when he rode into Jerusalem riding on a colt, they waved palm branches and shouted Hosanna to the King. They believed that perhaps Jesus was ready to restore the kingdom.

A few days later their shouts of joy were turned to new chants of, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him.”

Advent comes as a brother who will save and rescue. A death and a resurrection was required to fulfill God’s plan of salvation.

At Christmas time, the baby Jesus for many in this world is a huge profit symbol for business. The manger stays until Easter when again there is money to be made with new clothing, pretty baskets with candy and stuffed bunnies being sold to the public.

Pastor reminded us that he is not against these things, but we must always remember in our fun the TRUE meaning of Christmas and also of Advent.

Zechariah 9:9 foretold of a savior riding upon a colt.
Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout in triumph, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king is coming to you; He is just and endowed with salvation, Humble, and mounted on a donkey, Even on a colt, the foal of a donkey.

Jesus was not a ticket to fortune and fame, but he came humbly to fulfill God’s plan set before Him. Today He sets up His kingdom in the hearts of those who accept him as Lord.

Let us Shout again - - this time with the words; “He is Risen, He is Risen as He said.”

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Career at Age 60 (repost)

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My husband was having health problems and could no longer work, and he was too young to draw Social Security, so our finances were extremely tight.

At my daughter Judie’s suggestion I had enrolled in a Job Search program. One of my assignments was to take my resume and an application to the County Personnel Office.

Doing as I was asked, I submitted my application to the County and did not give it another thought until much later.

One eventful day, our Work Program Instructor invited a person from the local hospital to speak to us. The lady mentioned that you do not need to be a nurse or a doctor to work in a hospital. There are 200 positions available at our hospital, she informed us. She talked about the billing department, the cafeteria, and then she mentioned the physical therapy aide who would walk patients, and assist them with mild exercise.

Now I don’t usually hear voices, but that day a little bell went off in my spirit and I said to myself, “Physical Therapy Assistant - - I could do that.”

Later I spoke to my instructor about my interest in pursuing that new field. She explained that I would need to take a Health and Medical class, and that only a few were accepted. She helped me fill out the application, and I patiently waited for my interview.

To be accepted into the Health class was just like applying for a job. The day came for my interview and as I drove there, I went over the hard questions in my mind. At the office, I was welcomed by two smiling nurses. We glided over the questions and answers until they got to the one I was dreading: “What is your weakness?”

I smiled and said, “My weakness is chocolate!” The nurse laughed and said that is mine too. A few days later I was notified that I was accepted and to show up for class.

Among other things, we learned medical terms, abbreviations, parts of the body, and how to give shots. Each week we were asked to bring in a newspaper clipping that dealt with health and we would discuss the articles.

Our Nurse instructor took us on tours to different departments to see what might interest us, and we wrote down our three choices to be an unpaid apprentice. I selected Physical Therapy.

My assignment was to give several hundred hours as a non-paid, trainee in the Physical Therapy Department. 

I learned to clean the whirlpool baths, apply hot and cold packs, and give a massage to the hurting area. We assisted the patients with exercise bands and pulleys. I loved every minute of it, but my assignment term was almost to an end.

During my time as a trainee, the County had not forgotten about me. One day I received a telephone call to come in for an interview. I told the lady that I was enjoying a Health class I was taking and at this time I could not come in. The lady said she would keep my name on file and perhaps call me later.

I told my supervisor at the hospital that the county kept calling me, but I told them no.

As time went on, one day, I reluctantly told my supervisor that my unpaid time was up, and I must stop showing up unless they had a job opening. They informed me that a college student was going to be hired as permanent, and there was no other work available for me.

It was almost like an after thought but a few days later, I received a telephone call, that circumstances had changed, and to come in because I was hired. I was so happy! This was an entirely new career for me but one I certainly was looking forward to. I expected to be a blessing where ever I was.

I worked at the hospital for one year, until the Insurance Company said they no longer would accept the unlicensed assistants writing on the charts about the treatments. They insisted on a licensed physical therapy technician doing the work.

That was the reason that four of us assistants were let go, but with good recommendations. I accepted it as from the Lord.

In God’s timing a week later, I received a phone call from the County to come in for an interview, and I was hired. God had lives for me to touch during the ten years I worked for the County until I retired.

Was all that an afterthought from God? No it was all part of his perfect plan.

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