Sunday, April 22, 2012

Healing the Hurts

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April has been declared Prevent Abuse month.  Any abuse need to stop.  Many are still suffering the effects of various forms of abuse.  Our hope is that in considering these few words that follow - - you may discover healing and peace.

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Have you ever considered that “Words” heard in your mind may be a LIE and not truth?

Usually in childhood, many have experienced all types of terrible abuse, from sexual to physical and worse. At the moment it occurs, there comes floating into the consciousness “The Lie.”

These lies find their place in the mind and stay there as long as they are believed. The lie may say, “You are bad or this would not have happened,” or “this was entirely your fault,” or “you are not worth anything,” or “you deserved this,” and the victim believes the lie.

These or other harsh words can cripple because they are untrue, but at the time they were believed.

Healing comes when it is discovered that what was believed during the abuse - - was a lie, and that Jesus is the Truth. Others may hurt us with their words, but often we join in adding untruth about our self.  We say words to demean our selves, like "How could I do a stupid thing like that?" or “I am so dumb.”

We must learn to speak of ourselves as God sees us as creative, smart, loving, kind, gentle and special.  We are His child and he loves us unconditionally, and is proud of us.

Find a quiet place if you can, and allow yourself to go back in time and take another look at the mistreatment. As you do this - - Identify the lie that you heard and believed. Now pray and ask Jesus to reveal his Truth to you. Listen again and let Jesus speak to you. Hear what He tells you and believe what he says. His words are kind, loving and truthful, because He is the Truth and the Life.

If you were ever a victim, please do not pass over lightly the above admonition. Read it all again and do find that quiet place and allow your memory to go back in time to the event. Stop and find the lie you believed, Look around for Jesus and Listen and hear the Truth he has to tell you.

While forgiveness is important, this method of healing presented here is about listening for the lie and listening to Jesus tell you the truth.  The Truth will set  you free.

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  1. That is so true! and it is true for domestic violence victims... a great post. Thank you!

  2. Yep! If it was not the Lord, I simply wouldn't have survived, either physically or emotionally. Even after my salvation, I had a tendency to head towards suicide [although I didn't refer to it that way]. I simply saw no good reason to live. NOW... ain't know way I want to leave this world before that next Heavenly Birthday. HE can take me home, but not just checking out b/c I don't think I'm worth staying. [Yes, I've written so much, fiction/non-fiction about my life. Sometimes writing is all that kept me moving along.]

    Thank you so much for sharing so precisely what is truly out and about.

  3. I was told the same thing, I pray for the ones who trespassed against His chosen ones....

  4. I was one of the fortunate ones with loving parents. But I have seen so many torn apart by abuse. It affects them all through life. This guidance in your post will be a blessing to many. I'll keep it for when I find someone who needs it.

  5. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post. Child abuse is so horrible. I'm so glad I didn't have to deal with this, but I know there are many who do and they need the encouragement shared here in this post.


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