Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Speak to your Mountain

Silence Please
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When you have stirred up our old enemy - - He gets angry and hates to be exposed.

So what does Satan do? He deposits some large "mountains" in our path.

The same day that my daughter and I posted our stories about abuse -child abuse and about abuse on women all hell broke loose.  (click on the highlighted words to view the posts.)

Also our enemy probably did not like the article on how to receive Healing from Hurts.

So what did he do?  He attacked with - - shall we call it BIG mountains being dumped.

I began to take authority over anger and harsh words and claimed peace over our household, and our daughter began to pull down strong holds over her dwelling.

Neither she or I gave each other details on our mountains, but why bother, we knew where those mountains came from. We also knew that God is the one who can remove the mountain - or blast it away.

Our part is to speak to the mountain and tell it that it is unwanted and command it to Go in Jesus name. What ever you are doing for the Lord and a mountain shows up - understand that you have exposed Satan and he is angry.

My message to anyone who has discovered a mountain in your path:  Don't quit!

Don't back off in your efforts for our Lord, but keep on sending out those good words to give encouragement, assistance and to bring deliverance to those in chains of bondage.
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As you are obeying what God has called you to do -- may you be surrounded with the protective garments of peace and praise.

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  1. Good advice. Keep sharing truth.

  2. "Get thee beside me satan"! He is not the ruler, a mere jester. And yes, I've been attacked and will continue to be. I WILL NOT COWER TO THE DEFEATED!!!

    1. Always understand that the "Mountain" and the battle is spiritual, and not personal. The person who Satan is using is NOT the enemy, so your mountain is hiding behind that person, not with them personally.

      Take authority over negative attitudes, and bind them, then loose an opposite attitude.

      Call them spirits if you want to, for they are spiritual attitudes of Jealously, anger, lies, hate, lust, pride, terror, fear, and so on and so on.

      Each one of these attitudes must be counter attacked with a positive spiritual force, such as - - truth, acceptance, understanding, love, confidence, boldness, gentleness, calmness, peace and so on and so on.

      Let God tell you names that only he knows and bind and loose what he tells you.

      Every person has a different battle, so let God show you what yours actually is and how to win it.

      Bind one and loose the other. Name each one as you do this. God Bless you!

    2. Thanks Hazel. I do get it. I grasp the enemy is the one pulling the strings so to speak and to be honest I do pray for my enemies, maybe not as often as I should. I was beginning to ramble and cut it shorter than I normally do since it was late. I appreciate your wisdom and caring. I'm blessed through you.

  3. Hi Hazel - love how our posts lined up so well :) Love the confirmation. God bless

  4. Yes, Hazel, I can sse why mountains would be dropped upon you! You write with courage and boldness to the Glory of our Lord! Hallelujah! Great teaching!

  5. Wonderful, Godly wisdom Hazel. We sing a song in our church choir called "Move Mountain." It says those very things - just speak to the mountain in the name of Jesus.

  6. A big mountain popped into my path yesterday! Your words are just what I needed - to keep my focus on Him, my faith on Him and keep doing what He has called me to do! Thank you Hazel for your message today!

  7. Garments of Praise. Yep. That's the only way to keep moving forward. If I stop praising and focusing on HIM, my life becomes a fog and I am flooded with that background of mine that is less than bright and beautiful. Salvation, deliverance, growing and maturing in Him... overall, that's what counts. Need to remember that on a regular minute-by-minute basis.


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