Monday, April 2, 2012

Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

Spitting Image of our two Dogs
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Our fenced yard with the sliding gate that is controlled by a remote, keeps our three dogs safely in our yard. They have a good acre to run, play, and enjoy life.

At times when a delivery person pushes the button at the front, and the gate opens, two of our dogs escape and run the length of the creek next to our property. They return just in time for the automatic gate to close locking them OUT. When we are home and see this happen, we quickly open the side gate, and allow them back into their protected yard.

This last week end was different. My brother and his wife were staying with us for my mother’s funeral which was on Saturday, and we all prepared to leave and would be gone several hours.
Greener Grass ??
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While we were gone, the local flower shop delivered a beautiful flower arrangement and left it on our front porch. Our dogs were very interested in a stranger driving in, and when he left, our two black labs followed him out the gate.

When they returned after their usual run, the delivery man was not able to encourage them back inside. He phoned and left a message on our answering machine saying that he was sorry the dogs got out.

Later that afternoon when we returned from the funeral, there was no sign of our dogs.

Our blue tick hound was very upset and lonesome. This dog escapade did no good for my husband’s blood pressure either. Taking a drive in our van to where we thought they may have run to, provided us with no such luck.

That night as my brother’s wife prepared for bed, she took my hand and said, “Let us agree together for the safe return of your dogs.” We did and believed as best we could.

Our area has been having much needed rain, and that evening it stormed raining buckets most of the night. The next day, Sunday around two in the afternoon, our phone rang.

“I have your dogs,” the voice said, “but they refuse to get in my truck, so can you come and get them.” He gave directions and my husband and I drove to where the man told us.

Happily, our exhausted and hungry dogs jumped into our van. I hugged the kind man and my husband offered him a reward, but he refused saying he was glad to be of service.  The man remarked, “If my dogs ever run away, I hope someone will do the same for me.”

I am sure our dogs held us accountable for the rain that soaked them all night, and blamed us for their sore aching bodies, and that they had also missed their regular meal times.

Why did you not provide for us in your usual manner? Why did you allow us to suffer all night in the cold? Why were our sheltered area and our cozy beds not available for us as usually? These and other accusations may have crossed their feeble little minds.

Isn’t that the way it often is when people run away from God and then blame Him for all their self inflicted troubles?

Perhaps when we feel that we are fenced in and are not allowed to roam the fields that appear so green on the other side, we should evaluate the situation again. May we always be thankful for the protection that God allows for us as we stay safe in His arms.

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  1. Oh Hazel I'm so happy your dogs are back. When I was there the other day they talked with me and very nicely protected their domain. Beautiful and well loved. Love, Vicki K

  2. Happy for you and your husband and your "family". And that the Lord dropped an "angel" in to keep them until you could come. Love it when all the pieces come together like a great puzzle.

  3. Hazel, I can't imagine the stress on top of the funeral. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I know the heartache of a lost dog.

    I rejoice with you that they are home safe and sound. The effectual, fervent prayer of the rightheous avails much! Hallelujah!

    They are gorgeous dogs by the way!

  4. So true. Most often the troubles in life are the consequences of our own desires and actions. Don't you know our Father's heart breaks in a similar fashion even when He knows the outcome. He knows the suffering we inflict upon ourselves.

    Praying for you in this time of mourning.

  5. I'm so glad your dogs are found! It is interesting how we as humans can often run after our own desires, thinking that our way is the best simply because we want it. However, we will find that when we go our own way rather than God's way, we will meet trouble and often suffering. I'm so glad that God has found me! I'm not going to run again!

    Blessings, Joan


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