Friday, April 20, 2012

Is My Name Written There?

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When you receive honor without deserving it or being aware of it, now that is a treat.

I regularly read “God Spotting with Sheila,” and as I read Sheila’s post about Lists, I was thinking how I hate to make out even a grocery a list.

Sheila mentioned a list of 50 lady bloggers all under 40 ish, that had been compiled by Sarah Bessey. These ladies minister as speakers and write deeply on faith.

Sarah could have created a list of 200 or more Christian lady bloggers who contribute into cyber space regularly so if your name was not included there please understand.

Enter Diana Trautwein a retired but active minister who is endeavoring not to be slighted by age, compiled her own list of 50 Mature Lady Bloggers.

Diana wrote to Sarah saying, "Hey! Here's an awesome list of us mature lady bloggers! And Blogger Sarah Bessey was happy to publish the the list here - - 50 Women Bloggers Over age 50.

Sarah invited  all readers to comment on her site and add other Mature Bloggers who you may know about.

My friend Sheila of “God Spotting with Sheila” was honored and blessed to find her name written there.

Curious as I was to view the list, I speculated as to who all might be noted there??

I wondered if our daughter Nancy Kehr would be there. Also my friend JoAnn Norton and Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web - - these sweet ladies are all over age 50. 

There are others too, and finding new Blogging friends is exciting and rewarding.

Honestly I was not searching for my name – but inquisitively I reflected, would my name be written there?

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I was drawn to think about another list in a book that is in heaven. God calls it the Lamb’s Book of Life. All the names are written there of those who will be allowed to enter heaven’s gates.

This book in heaven contains the most important list that anyone would ever desire to have their name written there.

May I inquire, Is your name written there?

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P.S.  If you were wondering = = Yes my name is written there !!


  1. Hi Hazel - your name should be there. Your blog is a great place to visit. God bless

  2. Having our name written in God's Book Of Life is the only list that counts. The other ones are just for fun. Not that's it's worth much if anything, but if I had a list of my favorite bloggers, male or female, you and your daughter would be on my list... I guess you already figured that out by now...

  3. Thank you so much! I feel encouraged to push myself in a direction I hadn't anticipated. My problem? Have so many stories... both fiction and non-fiction [or the bit of mix]... and just haven't known what to do, how to break them down to fit the right number of words, etc. But, you pushed my button. WHEN/IF I have time today or tomorrow, I'll try to read the others you tossed onto your post and will begin to understand. [Sometimes I simply wish we could talk on the phone and I could get some straightforward questions answered. I'll be a Susie's for 2 weeks, starting next Friday, and will cover this stuff with her... she's SO patient with me! And one bright techie lady; even though she has Apple and I have the "other" she is usually able to get me going the right direction. I may end up posted all over a variety of links, b/c she's been encouraging me to do it, too. ... actually, she's the one that got me involved in Word Carnivals and the Sunday one.]

    Thanks again, Hazel. Got my adrenalin flowing ... charging, running, running, running.

  4. Thanks for this post, Hazel. I just found your blog via someone else's blog.

    I also checked out the list of 50 Faith Women bloggers over 50. I wondered if my name might be there. I mean, I am a Christian woman blogger aged 64. But, no. My name was not there.

    Being in the Book of Life is vital. It is our HOPE.

    Love your blog.

  5. Lovely. And I've found some new friends on the over 50 list. Thank you for sharing it.

    You've encouraged me so many times--you're on MY list, as well as God's!

  6. I am an Australian Christian woman. I am married to Christopher, a mother/stepmother of 6 and a grandmother of 13. I love encouraging women in the spirit of Titus 2 and Proverbs 31...

  7. Very interesting. I was surprised and delighted to see my name and link there. Yes, I'm waaayyy over 50. LOL


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