Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost and Found

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Sunday’s sermon was Pastor Jerry speaking on the 23rd Psalm. 

Herein are notes I gleaned from his message.  He mentioned about his first funeral that he did not know the deceased, and was at a loss to know how to handle the service. He asked the funeral director for some pointers, and it was suggested that the 23rd Psalm was always good to use.

Since then he has noted that many times the 23rd Psalm is helpful to bring comfort, to console, to ease pain and to convey well being to those who are hurting.

Usually when we memorize the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm, it is from the King James Bible. The beauty of the language carries us into worship and adoration of our God.

Sheep are mentioned through out the Bible. David was the young shepherd boy when King Saul was chasing him endeavoring to kill him. David wrote many of the Psalms and they are filled with worship, praise, and also with fear, anxiety and sadness.

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Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and he told Peter to “feed my lambs.” Sheep are nice animals, but they are not the smartest of their kind. They get lost easily and need to stay with the flock and be protected. The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep and that is what Jesus did.

Throughout history the children of Israel have often turned their back on their God. It was easier to worship the heathen gods, because “no demand was placed on them.”

Often they were carried off into captivity and would cry out to God to save them. He would come to the rescue and bring them back into their land.  Many times they continued to repeat this lost and found scenario.

In 1948 Israel received their Land back, but it has never known peace and still is in unrest.

There is comfort in the 23rd Psalm. We all want the green pastures, the still waters, and the cup running over. Then at times we rush off to the God of money, fame, entertainment or simply busyness and forget our Lord.

Consider a time when you felt real fear. Perhaps it was a phone call at night, a death in the family, or a diagnosis from the doctor.

Many react to fear by running. The majority run the fastest when they have lost their way and mistakes were made. They may be convinced that God is not leading, so they try “short-cuts.”

I suppose it is almost an insult to be likened to a sheep, because we don’t feel lost. Yet we are lost in grief, shame or regrets about things done or left undone. Numerous persons are busy trying to “find themselves.”

The effectiveness of the 23rd Psalm is finding comfort to those facing crisis, discovering hope in a world of fear and realizing that Salvation is found in Jesus Christ.

We always are following someone. Follow God and be found by Him.

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  1. The parable of the lost sheep always gives me a lot of comfort. It's a good reminder that whether I'm lost, feeling lot of not lost at all, the Good Shepherd will always find me.

  2. So many times we find ourselves straying and becoming lost to the influences of the world; thank goodness and PTL (!) that He waits on us patiently and never gives up on us. :)

    Blessings for a joyful week :)

  3. Fear is a real challenge. Keeping busy all the time to avoid thinking too much is one aspect. One event that happened when I was just 6 years old was very serious and the enemy planted a thought in my head: I can't trust anyone and I need to run fast enough to stay ahead of the fear.

    Many years later, that was healed. I'm so grateful that the Lord saves less-than-bright "sheep", especially those who are always looking for a fight. [Who, ME???]


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