Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Career at Age 60 (repost)

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My husband was having health problems and could no longer work, and he was too young to draw Social Security, so our finances were extremely tight.

At my daughter Judie’s suggestion I had enrolled in a Job Search program. One of my assignments was to take my resume and an application to the County Personnel Office.

Doing as I was asked, I submitted my application to the County and did not give it another thought until much later.

One eventful day, our Work Program Instructor invited a person from the local hospital to speak to us. The lady mentioned that you do not need to be a nurse or a doctor to work in a hospital. There are 200 positions available at our hospital, she informed us. She talked about the billing department, the cafeteria, and then she mentioned the physical therapy aide who would walk patients, and assist them with mild exercise.

Now I don’t usually hear voices, but that day a little bell went off in my spirit and I said to myself, “Physical Therapy Assistant - - I could do that.”

Later I spoke to my instructor about my interest in pursuing that new field. She explained that I would need to take a Health and Medical class, and that only a few were accepted. She helped me fill out the application, and I patiently waited for my interview.

To be accepted into the Health class was just like applying for a job. The day came for my interview and as I drove there, I went over the hard questions in my mind. At the office, I was welcomed by two smiling nurses. We glided over the questions and answers until they got to the one I was dreading: “What is your weakness?”

I smiled and said, “My weakness is chocolate!” The nurse laughed and said that is mine too. A few days later I was notified that I was accepted and to show up for class.

Among other things, we learned medical terms, abbreviations, parts of the body, and how to give shots. Each week we were asked to bring in a newspaper clipping that dealt with health and we would discuss the articles.

Our Nurse instructor took us on tours to different departments to see what might interest us, and we wrote down our three choices to be an unpaid apprentice. I selected Physical Therapy.

My assignment was to give several hundred hours as a non-paid, trainee in the Physical Therapy Department. 

I learned to clean the whirlpool baths, apply hot and cold packs, and give a massage to the hurting area. We assisted the patients with exercise bands and pulleys. I loved every minute of it, but my assignment term was almost to an end.

During my time as a trainee, the County had not forgotten about me. One day I received a telephone call to come in for an interview. I told the lady that I was enjoying a Health class I was taking and at this time I could not come in. The lady said she would keep my name on file and perhaps call me later.

I told my supervisor at the hospital that the county kept calling me, but I told them no.

As time went on, one day, I reluctantly told my supervisor that my unpaid time was up, and I must stop showing up unless they had a job opening. They informed me that a college student was going to be hired as permanent, and there was no other work available for me.

It was almost like an after thought but a few days later, I received a telephone call, that circumstances had changed, and to come in because I was hired. I was so happy! This was an entirely new career for me but one I certainly was looking forward to. I expected to be a blessing where ever I was.

I worked at the hospital for one year, until the Insurance Company said they no longer would accept the unlicensed assistants writing on the charts about the treatments. They insisted on a licensed physical therapy technician doing the work.

That was the reason that four of us assistants were let go, but with good recommendations. I accepted it as from the Lord.

In God’s timing a week later, I received a phone call from the County to come in for an interview, and I was hired. God had lives for me to touch during the ten years I worked for the County until I retired.

Was all that an afterthought from God? No it was all part of his perfect plan.

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  1. It is good to read about the way God directed you to the physical therapy department of the hospital--you were a blessing to many I am sure.
    God is faithful in giving us direction.

    Thank-you for your comment on my post. I understand the problem with captcha. I have asked my web host for an alternative but they are firm about keeping it.

  2. I love to to hear stories of God at work. Thank you for sharing. You are always an inspiration.

  3. "His plan His timing..." Love, Vicki K

  4. I love stories like this. Of course you already know that... God's timing is perfect and always seems to be more acceptable when we focus on Him. Your perspective is exactly what He desires. A needed reminder for me to be sure.

  5. I love it when the Lord opens a door for us that we're loving and that wasn't anticipated. In my case, since I was 54, in 1999, it hasn't been a "paying job", but has been one time of spiritually working, traveling, helping, and I always just say I'm working for my Father and He's the one who has to support. I know He truly is It. [Actually, my husband is the one who said I needed to stop working, because there was so much ministry involvement on my plate that I was becoming too busy trying to cover too much. So, I did. Nice hubby and God approved.]

  6. My favorite line:
    I expected to be a blessing where ever I was.
    Hazel, you are such a blessing! So glad you are in the blogging world.

  7. Awesome story, Hazel! You are a courageous woman who glided through the transition of your new lifestyle. God surely graced you!

  8. Hazel, your testimony is so encouraging. I admire your willingness to face whatever challenge so you can be a blessing in God's hand.
    May God continue using you to be a blessing to many people for many more years!

  9. Hazel, your testimony is so encouraging. I admire you for your willingness to face whatever challenge so you can be a blessing to other people.
    May God continue using you to bless many more people for many more years!


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