Monday, April 9, 2012

Mother I Hate You

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Angry words Spoken in Haste are not easily forgotten!  I learned from my mother to watch my words.

“I HATE YOU!” Yes, I said those words once as a small child when I was very upset with my Mother.

Mother quickly responded and instructed me that there are some words to which a person should never give a voice. The word HATE is one of them.

She let me know that the person to whom I had spoken these words would always remember what I had said! Ouch! Thinking back I still remember that early incident.

Mother continued, “No matter how much you beg forgiveness and say you are sorry, the person will continue to remember those words that you spoke in haste.”

This may have been the time she told me the story about the girl releasing the feathers from her pillow. Although she might be able to retrieve a few of them, most of they could never be recovered.

“Yes, Mother, I love you and I do not believe I have ever told a person since that time that I hated them.”

The Bible was Mother’s tool for emphasis. It always made an impact on me! Mother explained that the Bible tells us not to stay angry. While it is not a sin to be angry, it is our obligation to make things right with the other person before the sun goes down.

“Ahhhh, Thank you dear Mother....”You taught me to forgive even when I did not feel like forgiving! You taught me to keep certain words unspoken.

So my friend, here is my challenge to you. Are you setting a watch before the words of your mouth? Do practice telling those who are close to you that you love them?

Do you use words to show your love even as you show love by your actions? Take special care to use words of respect that build up and not words that tear down relationships. Words can hurt or words can heal – it is your choice.

And, last of all, are you also acting out the Lord’s Prayer and forgiving those who you think are sinning against you?

Just do it! It’s a lot easier to forgive the more often you do it.

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  1. Such a beautiful, touching post.

  2. Wonderful advice. How blessed you were to have a Godly mother and what wisdom she showed dealing with a firecracker like you!

    When I was younger I used to go straight for the juggler vein when fighting or arguing. These days I can honestly say I hold my tongue, winning isn't worth crushing someone else, especially my loved ones. I'm also like you when it comes to forgiving. It's not worth it either, our anger only damages us when we harbor it.

    A good reminder and story, my favorite mixture!

  3. I don't often have a problem with the bad words being poured forth on others... will bite my lips first. HOWEVER, do need to make sure I'm forgiving. That's one of life's challenges. And may never become easy, flexible. Need to be on alert, to be sure something doesn't slip past me and nail my heart so the forgiveness becomes a spiritual battle.

  4. We human beings need to be reminded of this often. Words are so powerful. Great teaching!

  5. Hi Hazel - your mother was very wise. I just said to someone yesterday that the saying we said as children "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me" is a load of rubbish. Great post
    God bless

  6. Beautiful thoughts here. God Bless the Mamas that teach us to speak kind words. My mom heard me say my fair share of mean things (mostly as a teenager, I hate to admit.) She just kept on loving me and forgiving me... and now I am doing the same with my kids. Kindess Matters... eventually we get it right. <3

  7. That little girl's face about says it all, doesn't it!? It's amazing how brutally honest kids are, to the point of showing their deepest emotions without holding back, and therefore not thinking about how it affects others or what God thinks. Becoming Christlike is without a doubt something we all need to continually learn!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  8. What a great post with great Truths for us to learn from! Thank you, Hazel!

  9. A good reminder to watch the words we say. Once they're out, it's difficult to take them back. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Such wisdom. Thank you, Hazel.


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