Saturday, April 21, 2012

Letter to the Bride

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Letter to the Bride,

You are of all women most fortunate to be marrying a Christian man who has been raised in the ways of the Lord.

It is your duty to respect, honor and cherish him. Tell him with WORDS daily that you love him; then show him in small ways that you care about him and desire him. You will discover that small acts of kindness are received better than expensive gifts. Prepare his favorite meals and bake him cookies now and then.

Always show him courtesy and treat him with respect in every way. If you are faithful to show respect and love it will be returned to you.

When it comes to sex, try not to ever say no, Agree between you what is acceptable.

Never embarrass him in public, or berate him to your friends or family. He is now a part of you and if you treat him unwisely, you will only do yourself harm.

Listen to him carefully when he speaks to you. Understand that listening to your husband can at times save you a lot of heartache. It is acceptable to give your opinion, but the husband should always make the final decisions.

Because your husband is now the head of the house, understand that it is up to him to establish a Godly Home. Find a church to call home, one that you are both happy with and then fellowship with other Christian married couples.

Although it is true that couples will have disagreements, never stay angry at each other. Before the sun goes down, make peace and forgive each other. Always give him the benefit of the doubt and understand that men can be proud and stubborn at times.

Walk in forgiveness towards each other, and do not be the obstinate person that must always have the last word. Allow him to speak for himself and not you for him.

Pray together, read the Bible together and love each other with a pure heart and your marriage will last a life time as it should.

Love, Grandma Hazel


  1. What a beautiful letter that would be good to give to every bride, young or old. You are a blessing, Grandma Hazel. :-)

  2. In the nearly 27 years Dave and I have been together, our relationship has kept me filled with joy... and I try to keep him happy and blessed and encouraged. And our romantic life is something I could never have imagined -- even with my background.. he is an amazing lover. Nice to see your post. You said it all very clearly and it is so very true. Hope your post touches hearts that need to be touched!

  3. Sound words of advice for women and men. I hope someone reminds the groom that he is to treat her like Christ does His church; devotion and sacrifice in love. Your granddaughter is blessed to have the love and wisdom God's given you.


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