Monday, April 30, 2012

Can an Affair be Forgiven?

Jesus forgives the Woman
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Certainly an affair can be forgiven, and if everyone concerned sincerely desires the marriage to be repaired, and there is true repentance, AND they can each honor new vows of faithfulness, so be it.

Then there is the other side, when there seems to be no reconciliation. God is a covenant God and the covenant of marriage was broken badly. A broken covenant releases those in covenant. Some have questioned if the injured parties can re-marry?

Might I suggest that God is fair and just, and when his children are caught in a bad situation, He is able to offer plan B for a new future.  God has said that it is NOT good for man to be alone.

Let me tell you a story that is probably true - -  Many years ago there was a young married couple who enjoyed the company of some very good “Best friends.” One day they discovered that their mates were having an affair with the other party’s spouse, and these unfaithful ones had already decided they wanted to leave the present marriages in exchange for a new arrangement.

Our two innocent young people were devastated, especially because the one "adulterous" wife had not only been untrue, but she had also deserted her tiny baby and young toddler in order to have this other husband.

Our victimized persons seriously talked it over and decided that they really liked each other, and perhaps the most sensible and best thing they could do for the children and for each other, was for them to marry as well. So they did.

The new wife raised those boys as her own, and eventually they had two more boys that were theirs. They have been happily married for many years with grown grandchildren and are actively serving the Lord. 

This was an unusual situation and they made the best of it with a happy ending for at least two of them. 

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  1. Talk about making lemonade!

  2. Wow... That sounds like the story line of a new novel. I'm living proof that God is loving and redemptive regardless of my weaknesses.... God measures the heart... what if He only measured the flesh?

  3. I'm thinking what an amazing loving couple to care for those children like that. God honors His word, doesn't He? I'm so glad for those little ones to have a secure home.

  4. What a story! Amazing what God can do with any situation!

  5. Stories like these make me believe there really is a lot of goodness around us.

  6. My ex-husband had many affairs -- and he was a Christian -- and finally the Lord told me to get out. So, I did. He also told me He was sending me His representative. A year later, Dave was dropped into my life suddenly, we engaged almost immediately, and married quickly. Nearly 27 years now. Dave has been a very faithful husband and a wonderful example for my kids and g-kids. HOWEVER, for the first several years I sometimes felt less-than b/c as a Christian my marriage had failed. Even though I knew the reason was significant, I hated the divorce aspect. Dave did not ever express disappointment for my disappointment. And, over time, I was whole-heartedly healed. What a blessing. With my background, my generational background, etc., affairs were not ever outside of life, but a constant battle. And my Loving Lord broke through. I couldn't be more grateful for that sweetness of giving me my Sweetheart.

  7. Great Story to a Happy Ending. I enjoy reading your stories. Thank you for yoour hard work in publishing the stories.


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