Friday, August 30, 2013

Dishes at the Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly "Self Service Store"

Becky saw it first, the Piggly Wiggly advertisement for a Free dinner plate if you purchased a certain amount of groceries. 
photo by Hazel
The plate was a beautiful pearl white with a simple gold edge and small pink rosebuds with a tiny gold vine connecting each of the buds to make a lovely trim.

There were additional pieces available for a reasonable price too.

At that time we lived in Oklahoma along with our two girls, and we often went grocery shopping at the Piggly Wiggly; so each week Becky and I arranged it so we could each obtain our free dinner plate.

We may have had help from Robert and Judie, because as soon as we each had 12 plates, we began to purchase salad plates, small desert bowls, cups and some serving pieces.

We enjoyed those dishes when we had company, until it was time to move back to California.  Becky and Judie continued to live with us, and soon after Judie, joined the Air Force.

Becky had packed away her Piggly Wiggle china, and when she married, she and her husband decided on a different dish pattern, so she gave me, her Piggly Wiggly dishes.

About then is when I decided to donate my Japanese dishes with the large Orange designs to our Church Yard sale.  I requested that if the Mexican couple at our church wanted the Orange dishes to see that they were given to them for free.  The Bride immediately fell in love with my ornate dishes.

In the mean time, while Judie was stationed by the Air Force in Korea, she purchased for me a set of Noritake white china dishes with a silver trim and no other design. They were just what I wanted.

However we were moving again, this time to the woods, because Robert had health problems and could not work.  So the dishes Judie obtained for me are still in the carton, and the Piggly Wiggly ones are in my cabinet.  It seems too easy to just use the pretty pink rose trimmed dishes for now.

I really do not need so many dishes, and one day soon, I am going to do some more donating.

Anyone need a nice set of china dishes, hardly used?

Post Script:  Before I posted my story I did some Google searching about the store. Apparently it was the FIRST store that offered Self service INSTEAD of giving your order to the clerk and the clerk would retrieve your goods.  I am sure the customers enjoyed pushing their cart down the aslies and would purchase much more as they would see some-thing else they needed or wanted. These PIG stores are throughout the South, and the name was funny to us too. I don’t know if they still offer dishes, but this story was in the year 1977 and they did at that time.

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(The food in my story is still at the Piggly Wiggly)

Thursday, August 29, 2013


courtesy Google Search
A Boomerang is a tool that when thrown will return to the person who threw it.
What caused me to think about this boomerang was a distressing happening over the past several weeks.
My phone rang, and it was a call from an unknown caller; probably from a pay telephone.
I answered “Hello” and there was a pause, so again I said, “Hello,” A woman’s husky voice said, “Die.”
Now I am not superstitious, but this has occurred at least four times recently, so I wondered who was doing this.  Actually I had a pretty good idea who it was.
This person I am thinking about does weird, strange things, and who knows what she is involved in and why she would do this.
My thoughts continued, and I determined that perhaps she was trying to place a “curse” on me. 
About now you are probably saying, “Come on now, there is no such thing as real curses.”
I do know for a fact that these kind of things can be true, for we have a real enemy.
Just as you can pronounce a blessing on someone and expect God to bless, your blessing acts as a boomerang and bounces back to you with blessing in return.
There are those who dabble in the occult and actually try to send forth curses.
That said - - I talked to the Lord about this telephone thing. 
This is what He said to me, “Do not be afraid, or worry, because her curses will be like a boomerang, and they will bounce back at her.”
Now I do not wish her any harm, so I told the Lord, I forgive her, and thank you for your protection. 
When my day comes to pass on to Glory, it will be the day that God has already written down.
Luke  6:28   Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.
Deuteronomy 30:19  I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;

Psalms 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.
 Mike's post inspiired my story.  You might enjoy the post by Tithe (H)acker, Michael Holmes “You are Who You Say You ARE

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

China Dishes from Japan

Courtesy Google Search
My brother Allen enlisted in the Navy several years after World War II, and his ship made ocean voyages back and forth to Japan.

One day he asked me if I would like a set of China dishes, as he could secure a nice set in Japan for a reasonable price. 
My dishes were an ugly Melmac, and a set of china for company would be very nice, so I gave him some money and explained my preference.

“I would like a simple pattern, with a gold or silver trim.”  Perhaps I should have drawn a picture.

Before too long, my brother returned with a full set of china dishes for me.  There was service for 12, including large soup bowls and smaller desert dishes.  Also there were several serving bowls, a gravy boat, a covered serving dish, two sizes of platters, butter dish, sugar and creamer, and a tall tea pot.

You would have thought I should be happy with my new set?  But truthfully the set was far from simple.  It was bold orange and gold with large Japanese designs covering the entire plates. 

Rather than show my disappointment, I thanked my brother for all his trouble and told him, “This is great.”  (And it was in a sense ;) so much, and so different, and so nice too.

My husband told me to enjoy it for what it was - - all the way from Japan - - something unusual, and ornate and it would be a conversation piece each time we used it.

I changed my attitude and decided to love my new china dishes.  Those beautiful dishes were used for many years, until our daughter was stationed in Korea.  While there she was able to secure for me a set of white china with a silver trim. 

Now that set of White China dishes is stored in our shed, but that is a different story.

One day, our church had a yard sale, and I decided to donate my orange ornate dishes.  I stipulated to first give the newly wed Mexican couple first choice.  If she liked them they were free to her. 

The bride was ecstatic with joy.  She loved the design and how many of every thing there was.  Apparently orange was her favorite color.

All my life I was taught to, “Make do,” and these orange dishes were NO exception. However I made an adjustment in my attitude and learned to enjoy them.

The secret is learning to be content and happy with what you have regardless.

1 Timothy  6:6  But Godliness with contentment is great gain.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Butting Heads (2010 repost)

Butting Heads
It must be a normal happening for some mother-in laws and daughter-in-laws to butt heads from time to time.

In our case, my sweet mother-in-law and I got along quite well, because she always did everything I told her to do!

I remember one time, my young 4 year old brother in-law who was just a tad older than my own children, spit out the F word, at my mother-in-law.  I grabbed him up, turned him over my knee and gave him three swats quick as your eye can blink. 

His mom, said, “He doesn’t know what he is saying, and he is just a baby.”  I told her, he knew enough that it was disrespectful, and as I looked him in the eye, I told him to never speak to “Bea” like that again.  All of her children called her “Bea”, and I think it was because she thought she was too young to be called mom.  Anyway, that is another story.

Then my children grew up, got married, and I found that I was now the Mother-in-law.

I have always been good at telling people what to do and taking charge, and I really do not plan to change, but things were different with my new daughter-in-law.  She had been raised in a rather large family, with brothers to tease her, and hurt her feelings. 

Some of the things I said, were not taken lightly, and were misinterpreted.  In her way of thinking, she was certain that I did not like her; and that I believed she was not doing a good job of raising my grandchildren.  Those were her thoughts, not mine, although I did have some good suggestions.

As it was inevitable, one day without realizing it at the time, I spoke in haste, and hurt her feelings deeply.  The next several trips to our place, she found an excuse to stay home, and only the boys and our son visited.

Sometimes, I am dense, because I tend to give others the benefit of the doubt, but I finally realized that I had offended her, and she was not about to forgive me.  Thinking back, I could even point to the event that must have triggered the whole thing.

Finally in desperation, I knew I must at least take action on my part to bring about reconciliation.  If she did not respond, that would be “Her problem and not mine.”

So, one day, I called her cell phone, and left a message for her to return the call.  Shortly she did, and I proceeded to remind her of the event.  I told her I realized that I had hurt her feelings, and I asked her to please forgive me. 

I told her I missed her when she did not visit, and I wanted her to understand that she was always welcome at our home. 

“Yes, I forgive you,” she said, and that was enough for me. 
I must recognize that she is the mother and I am the Mother-in-law, and there is no reason for us to butt heads.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Courageous Conversations With God

God is Still Speaking

One of our ladies read Psalms 71:1-6 prior to the sermon for Sunday.

In You, O Lord, I put my trust; Let me never be put to shame.
Deliver me in Your righteousness, and cause me to escape;
Incline Your ear to me, and save me. Be my strong refuge,
To which I may resort continually; For You are my rock and my fortress.

Pastor Jerry spoke about the holiday seasons and how quickly they flash by.  We just ended the three months of Pentecost and it is almost Advent time again.  Christmas will soon be upon us and our conversations continue about the future.

Discernment is not a religious word, but it means, to determine quality or value of an event.  It is an in-depth understanding and wisdom to discover God’s will. 

Discernment is not one of the Spiritual Gifts, but it is simply listening to God

Interview With God Poem, was read by Pastor Jerry.  This poem challenges us to learn from Him and Grow in Grace.

At some point in the past, a group decided our town needed a church and this church and others came into being.

Another group recognized that there were homeless, poor and needy people and they established a Rescue Mission in our city.  Other agencies were also set up to meet certain needs of individuals and families in our community.

Two Sundays ago, a paper was given to those present here at church, with questions to consider for introspection as to our personal spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ.

We were asked to reflect if we had accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, and was our Salvation experience up to date.

With God time is eternal and our decision for Jesus assures us of everlasting life.

Regardless of our age we can Trust God and realize our hope is secure in Him.

Perhaps you would like to find a quiet place and interview God for yourself.  He is available no matter the time of day or night.

God is still speaking, and that is a comforting thought.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Co-Signing for a Loan

Sign Here !
“Okay,” said our good friend, “I will co-sign on this note with you so you can get this loan, but please don’t tell my wife that I am doing this.”

The more we thought about what he had said, we decided to tear up the loan papers and go another route.  Our friend trusted us so much he was willing to do this, but we could not be a part to have him not tell his wife.

What we did was request our credit union to come to our small apartment and itemize all our worldly goods to hold as collateral.

The gentleman came and wrote in his note book as he counted our pots and pans, our dishes and silverware, our stove and refrigerator that were ours and was paid for, and other items too insignificant to mention.

He said I will submit this to our loan officer, and you will hear from the credit union in a day or two if you are approved.

They approved our loan for $1000, and we were able to use the money as a down payment on our first house. 

I don’t recommend that you do this, but for us it was the seemingly only way for us to become home owners.

We let our friend know that we had destroyed the loan papers that he had signed, and he was relieved to hear that good news.

Proverbs 11:15  He that is surety for a stranger shall smart for it: and he that hateth suretiship is sure.

Proverbs 17:18  A man void of understanding striketh hands, and becomes surety in the presence of his friend.

Hebrews 7:22  By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Publishing an E-Book

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Publishing an E-Book with Smashwords

For months now, my husband Robert has been writing continued fiction stories. 

Most of Robert's latest stories are up to 50 chapters long. 

A few of his first stories were shorter and I have formatted six of them into E-book style and submitted them on Smashwords at no charge to us.

First install a Free viewer prior to downloading a book. 

See information at the bottom of this post to obtain a free viewer.
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Smashwords is a free E-Book Publishing service, and they offer a Free ISBN number.   If your book passes their instructions, they will offer your book to Amazon and others free to you.  They receive a very small commission on each sale compared to other sites who publish e-books.

Smashwords format for your manuscript is Micro-soft Word with only two hard returns between each chapter.  They desire the first page to have title, by author, copyright by author, Smashwords edition , dedication if desired, with maybe four hard returns to separate each of those lines.
Type should be 12 point, either Times Roman or Arial, and no use of tabs, only the hard return (enter key). 

When your book has been accepted, they ask you to go to their IBSN manager and apply for your free number.  Then go back into your manuscript and beneath the copy right information, enter that ISBN number.  Save your work, and now resubmit your manuscript from the dashboard, and you should be a published author in Smashwords. 

Mark Coker has a Free Style Guide and also a Free How to publish an E-book.  But the above simple explanation is how to do this.

Smashwords does require a PDF book cover approximately 1600 x 2400 pixels. 

For my book covers, I have been using and have found the best person to do a professional cover is  pro_ebookcovers   She is a young mother of four children and works from her home.  If she can use your picture, the cost is only five dollars.  If she must use a stock photo that she pays for, there is an additional charge of five dollars.

SmashWords suggests to first install one of the viewers below, then download your free book or purchase.

I personally use the FREE Kindle viewer offers for my computer.  It is the MOBI below.

EPUB - Download the free Adobe Digital Editions (for PCs and Laptops). Adobe Digital Editions is great for Smashwords authors who want to inspect their files. For Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, download the free Apple iBooks app, or consider other great free apps such as Bluefire or FB Reader (all available in the Apple App store). For Android devices, download Aldiko, a free e-reading app.

MOBI (Kindle) - Use Kindle for PC (reads .mobi), Kindle for Mac (reads .mobi) or the popular FBReader (reads .epub, .txt, .mobi and multiple other formats).

PDF - Use Adobe Acrobat. Most computers come pre-installed with Adobe Acrobat (if not, click here to download it for free).

RTF - Read in any word processor.

Happy Reading and Happy Publishing.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fire in the Woods

Fire in the Woods
Over at: Floyd’s There Go I ,  he wrote a post on Riding out the storms and in the middle of my reply I thought why not just post part of my comment.  Also view the post on Storms at Betty’s Wise Hearted site.

There have been reported storms here and there, flooding sweeping at least one house off its slab, and other destruction.

In our area we have not had a storm, and there was no thunder and lightening so we do not know how the fire here got started.

The fire in our area began last weekend on Friday evening.  The Fire Department began making phone calls telling us to be ready to evacuate.

Naturally the wise thing to do is comply.  Robert began packing his truck with equipment he needed.  In the van went suitcases with changes of clothing, important papers, photos, some dog food and other necessary items. 

Our daughter Becky and her husband Dennis live four miles from us, and they were not in the line of the fire, so that was where we would go if we needed to leave. 

Our neighbor packed his vacation trailer, and hooked it up to his truck moving it to a safe location.

Saturday morning planes finally began to drop the needed retardant to help stop the flames bringing the fire into 45% containment.  Sunday evening the wind shifted and the fire took off in the other direction toward the canyon.  Monday evening we enjoyed a light rain that helped clear the air.

The fire destroyed one house and some out buildings, a 4 wheel vehicle but took no lives. 

A few hot spots remain but they are quickly being taken care of by a nice Tuesday rain that is creating mud.  Some of the firefighters on land are complaining their vehicles are hard to maneuver in the mud... 

Feeling comfortable that the worst is over, we are beginning to unpack and put things away, and are praising God for His goodness.

We are thankful that the fire did not come near our dwelling, and that we are safe.

 Job 1:10  Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side?


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spoiled Babies Repost

Buck Drinking Indoors !
Young babies learning to communicate will often point to an object they want and expect you to give it to them. 
Funny thing is our dogs have learned to point also.

During some very hot days, we bring our three dogs into the house and they are assigned to some area rugs.  One of those very warm days, we filled a pan with water and allowed them to have a nice drink because they were panting from the heat.

The very next day, our dog Luke began to stand in front of the sink and point to the faucet, indicating that he wanted a drink from the indoor water pan.

You might say we spoil our dogs, because we complied with his wishes. 

Now all three dogs enjoy getting a drink indoors from time to time.

When they are outside, they have a nice dog water bucket but we also daily fill a small hard plastic wading pool with water.  Wouldn’t you know it?  They prefer to drink from the wading pool.

Dogs are fun and funny too, just like we humans are.  Although they are spoiled, there are times when I also feel spoiled. 

My husband and my children are good to me, and so is the Lord.  I must always remember to be thankful and grateful for kindness, goodness, and mercy shown to me.

If there is something that you need from God, do not point, but rather speak distinctly and tell Him like it is. 

He is mindful of your needs, but He desires you to speak up.   

Of course, do voice your thanksgiving praises while you wait and also after you have received.

“You have not because you ask not.”
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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Cloud

Cloud of Witnesses

Last Sunday at our church, we sat in small groups and discussed questions printed on two different pages, regarding the future of our church. 

One person at each table took notes about the answers and opinions.  Then we moved to different tables for the next set of questions. 

At one of our tables, I suggested we need new converts and classes to disciple them and a children’s ministry, for our church is ostly Senior Citizens.

Today Pastor Jerry stated that many of the responses from last week, were the same as from the last 10 years.  In general no one wants to make changes, yet the members expect the church to grow. 

Then he proceeded to give his sermon using  Hebrews 11:29 – 12:2  About the hero’s of Faith.

Many were tortured, refusing to be released so that they might gain an even better resurrection. 36 Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. 37 They were put to death by stoning, they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated— 38 the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground.

We hear about the burning of churches and killing of Christians in Egypt and in other foreign countries, but we ourselves have not yet had to suffer as in the scriptures we just read. or as we read in the news.

America ignores the persecution of Christians in foreign places.  Faith is very difficult in Egypt and other lands.

Many interpret suffering as discipline, many are weary and faint hearted, but we have not been tested unto death.

Many Christians define sin as the total acts of unrighteousness that they themselves do not commit  It is time to lay aside the weight that holds us back.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

The word Faith is mentioned 19 times in Chapter 11 of Hebrews, and also  many unnamed saints suffered greatly even unto death. 
We are surrounded by a Cloud of Witnesses, we are not alone and we look to Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith.

The promise is clear, Christ has ascended and the Holy Spirit has descended and pours forth love, faithfulness, obedience, and the anticipation of Christ’s return.

Christ is with us and there is a crop of justice.  God has expectations for his people. 

May we ponder God’s desire as we continue our discussions as to His Will and direction for this church.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dinner Invitation

Mashed Potatoes

A newly married couple were new members to our church, so we invited them over after church to have dinner with us.  We were newly weds ourselves, so it was good to have friends with similar lots in life.

All was going well, and dinner was served, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and French bread.

Free clip art
My hand potato masher had done its usual fairly good job at pulverizing the potatoes. 

As we began to enjoy our meal, my husband made a comment about the potatoes being a bit lumpy.  Silence fell and all was quiet, including me. 

Then my hubby changed the subject and the remainder of the afternoon went smoothly.

The next day my friend mentioned that when they got home, her husband asked her, “Did you notice how nice Hazel was,  when her husband complained about the potatoes.  She was very quiet and did not talk back?  So why can’t you be more like her?”

What I told her next was, “You should have heard what I said to him after you all left.  I asked him to please not criticize me in front of company, but to wait until they leave to have his say.”

That calmed my friend down, because she was under the impression that I must be a saint which was far from the truth at that time.  (Sainthood came later in life.) :-)

That evening I rehearsed to my husband what my girl friend and I had talked about, and together we pledged not to criticize or tear down each other in public, or to others when we were not present.

Through the years, we have observed some couples who have a habit of making fun of each other, and they say snide hurtful and cutting remarks in front of others.  We wondered how they spoke to each other in the privacy of their homes.

Then we have also observed other couples holding hands in public, and lovingly calling each other by appropriate pet names.

Let your words be sweet and kind to those you love and care about.  Never embarrass them anywhere or play cruel jokes on them.

May I suggest? 
Have someone over for dinner and please assign the husband to mash the potatoes.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Go Forward

Our church service was different today as we met seated at small tables in the fellowship hall. 

Today was to be conversations in small groups about the future of our church. 

Consider the questions we were asked and explore for your own personal answers.

Pastor Jerry began by reading from Philippians 3:13-15  Beloved, this one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,  I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.  Let those of us then who are mature be of the same mind; and if you think differently about anything, this too God will reveal to you.

It is certain and without a doubt that there will be challenges in life, and in our church.

Jesus gave us the Great Commission which was to go forward to conquer, teaching and making disciples.  His promise was that he would supply our needs and protect us.

If you stand on the overpass of a busy highway, you can see from a different perspective.  You can see the large view of things.  
We must take another look at God’s Big Picture.

What is God calling us as a church to do for our future?

Pastor asked one of the ladies to pass out page one, for our personal consideration.  It was to be an introspection of our self as a Believer, for private and individual discernment. 

How would you answer personally these questions?
1.     Have I accepted Jesus the Christ as Lord and Savior of my life?  Does this happen only once, or is this an ongoing life-time relationship?

2.     Jesus came to bring new life.  What does it mean to be made new?

3.     This new life means change, and do I even want to be changed?

4.     What does it mean for me to Follow Jesus?

 Next a second sheet of paper was passed out and we were to sit at tables in groups of three or four.  The consideration was:  Are we as a church anxious about the future? 

What does going forward using the rear view mirror mean to you for the churches future?

Are we doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

The third paper was given out and we were to move to a new group of three or four.

1.     How do we grow as a church?  OR Why should we grow as a church.

2.     What does it mean to invest in “Ministry to people?”

3.     Does the fear of giving up something in church life discourage exploring new ministries? 

4.     Can letting go of the old, allow new energies for the new?

5.     Can we let go of favorite projects while holding fast to God’s promises?

6.     What are God’s promises for our body of believers and our local church?
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Something Nice

Something Nice
Our old house with its upstairs extra two bedrooms, and the spacious downstairs had been a haven for me and for our children as they progressed through grade school and graduated from high school. 

It was here that different ones came to stay for a short time, or for a long while.  The house was conveniently located near schools, shopping, and a short walk to our church. 
We started our business here, until the neighbors complained about our big truck parked in front of our house. 
Then we were able to purchase a shop with a yard, near the freeway and store supplies and park our expanding line of trucks and equipment.

My husband began to do work for a builder who was also an architect.  Robert suggested that this was an honest man and he had an eye for beauty, comfort and detail in building a house.

One day Robert came home very excited.  He declared that he had found the perfect lot in the foothills and we and Mr. Frazer were going to build us a new house. 
Becky and I drove up to view the lot and we both began to find fault.  It was on a down slope, and it seemed very narrow.

Honestly, I must tell you that I was NOT happy, because I loved my old house and did not want to leave it.

So I decided that I would put a stop on the new house situation. 
No one was home and I was alone, so I knelt down by our sofa, and began to pray.  “Dear Lord, Please change Robert’s mind and cause this not to come to pass.”

What happened next was something I did not expect.  It was not an audible voice, but I knew it was God speaking to me.  He began, “Hazel, have not I been good to you?”

I replied, “Yes, you have?” 

“Have I not done nice things for you?”  

Again I answered, “Yes you have.”

Then God said, “Is it alright with you, if I do something nice for your husband?” 
I was ready to say "Yes," and I did.
When Robert came home that night, I told him what God and said, and that I was ready to move.

So it was after some obstacles, but not that many, we moved into our new house.

Truth be told, I was selfish, and was not open to the fact that my hard working husband needed to be a part in building this house.  For him this was a dream come true.

Is God speaking to you to allow your loved one to follow their dream and you have been dragging your heels.    
Do encourage your loved one to pursue what God is showing them to do.

Yes, Let God do something nice for your loved one.

* * * * * * *

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