Thursday, August 22, 2013

Publishing an E-Book

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until September 22, 2013
Publishing an E-Book with Smashwords

For months now, my husband Robert has been writing continued fiction stories. 

Most of Robert's latest stories are up to 50 chapters long. 

A few of his first stories were shorter and I have formatted six of them into E-book style and submitted them on Smashwords at no charge to us.

First install a Free viewer prior to downloading a book. 

See information at the bottom of this post to obtain a free viewer.
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Check out his other short story books for 99 cents each.

Robert’s newest book, “The Romani is FREE for a LIMITED time only.
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Smashwords is a free E-Book Publishing service, and they offer a Free ISBN number.   If your book passes their instructions, they will offer your book to Amazon and others free to you.  They receive a very small commission on each sale compared to other sites who publish e-books.

Smashwords format for your manuscript is Micro-soft Word with only two hard returns between each chapter.  They desire the first page to have title, by author, copyright by author, Smashwords edition , dedication if desired, with maybe four hard returns to separate each of those lines.
Type should be 12 point, either Times Roman or Arial, and no use of tabs, only the hard return (enter key). 

When your book has been accepted, they ask you to go to their IBSN manager and apply for your free number.  Then go back into your manuscript and beneath the copy right information, enter that ISBN number.  Save your work, and now resubmit your manuscript from the dashboard, and you should be a published author in Smashwords. 

Mark Coker has a Free Style Guide and also a Free How to publish an E-book.  But the above simple explanation is how to do this.

Smashwords does require a PDF book cover approximately 1600 x 2400 pixels. 

For my book covers, I have been using and have found the best person to do a professional cover is  pro_ebookcovers   She is a young mother of four children and works from her home.  If she can use your picture, the cost is only five dollars.  If she must use a stock photo that she pays for, there is an additional charge of five dollars.

SmashWords suggests to first install one of the viewers below, then download your free book or purchase.

I personally use the FREE Kindle viewer offers for my computer.  It is the MOBI below.

EPUB - Download the free Adobe Digital Editions (for PCs and Laptops). Adobe Digital Editions is great for Smashwords authors who want to inspect their files. For Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, download the free Apple iBooks app, or consider other great free apps such as Bluefire or FB Reader (all available in the Apple App store). For Android devices, download Aldiko, a free e-reading app.

MOBI (Kindle) - Use Kindle for PC (reads .mobi), Kindle for Mac (reads .mobi) or the popular FBReader (reads .epub, .txt, .mobi and multiple other formats).

PDF - Use Adobe Acrobat. Most computers come pre-installed with Adobe Acrobat (if not, click here to download it for free).

RTF - Read in any word processor.

Happy Reading and Happy Publishing.


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing about your husband's e-books over at TGIF today.

Floyd said...

Sounds like you've got that down pat! Technology never ceases to amaze me. Gonna check out Robert's books. Thanks!

a joyful noise said...

Be sure to order Robert’s FREE fiction E-book: “Those were the Days” His book, "The Romani" is FREE by using the code NV95C.

Check out his other short story books for 99 cents each.