Thursday, August 8, 2013

Unclog the Drains (Repost)

Soda Salt and Vinegar
courtesy photobucket.ocm

Wouldn’t you know it?  My kitchen sink did not drain again.  I was fresh out of Mr. Plumber, but I remembered my Hints from Heloise that I had recently saved to my word documents. 

I did a quick search and found her simple recipe and I soon mixed it all together. Before you could count to ten, we had sweet smelling drains for  only a few pennies.

Here it is for you to copy because you may need it later on.

Unclog drains. Combine one-half cup of baking soda with one-quarter cup of table salt, and then pour the mixture down the drain. Pour one to two cups of white vinegar in after it – The drain will foam and bubble.  Place a rag or stopper in the drain and wait 30 minutes.   Fill a large kettle with water and heat it to boiling.  After waiting 30 minutes, remove the stopper from the drain and gently pour in the hot water to flush the drain.

Moving on - - to consider that which clogs our daily lives; I don’t believe the Soda, Salt and Vinegar will work.  Perhaps it is time to pause and reexamine our priorities. 

It may be time to go through the garage, our closets and cupboards, and gather encumbered items that we are not using and pass them on to someone who truly needs them. 

There are times in life, when our daily duties seem to be bogging us down, and we cannot accomplish all that we must do, or think we must do. 

Perhaps it is time to eliminate a few non essentials that congest our day. 

We may even pour out a few tears to God, and ask for wisdom allowing Him to show us how to clean out our surplus activities.

Our Spiritual life often gets cluttered too.  If we find we have been too busy to read our Bible, or to worship and pray, and our fellowship with the Lord gets out of whack. 

The oil of Gladness and Washing of the Water with the Word will make things better here too.

If sin is an issue, the best cleansing element is the blood of Jesus which will wash away every confessed sin.

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Lisa notes... said...

I didn't know that hint for clogged drains. I'll have to look it back up next time I need it. (Although I might not be able to find it as efficiently as you did.) :-)

Spiritual clutter--that's a good analogy. I made a new list last week of areas I need to declutter (again), but I need to see the areas inside my soul that need decluttering too. Thanks, Hazel.

Betty Jo said...

That's the way I keep my drains clean and fresh all the time. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), so I can't use any chemicals in my home, but only natural products. I've lived this way for over thirty years now. I call it "simple" living. Thinking on your wonderful analogy Hazel, I see too that the oil of gladness, the word, and His blood are also "pure and simple" keeping our spiritual lives clean and fresh.

Floyd said...

Good tip. Gotta be way better than all those nasty chemicals to boot. I like the advice of getting rid of the stuff that clogs our lives as well and there is nothing on this earth but the blood of Jesus to accomplish it within our souls. Nice one! I like it!