Wednesday, August 18, 2010


All kinds of wonderful things were happening for us as we embarked on our journey to attend Kenneth E. Hagin’s School of Ministry!

The school’s property included a two story office building to use for classes and ministry. Most tenants had moved, but one office was still leased to a Christian dentist, an ORU graduate. I visited his office and was happy to discover that he had a missionary heart. Several times a year, he organized trips to Mexico during which, the team would minister free dental care and show the Jesus film. Many were finding the Lord from these dental trips. Eventually, he gave up his practice and became a full time dental missionary. Incredibly, we have kept in touch all these years.

Our classes were not being taped by the school at that time, but my husband had the foresight to bring a tape recorder and tape duplication unit. He quietly found a place near the wall and recorded each class. A few students requested copies of the day’s session, and he would provide them with a free copy. He met many wonderful people this way.

Because I wanted to be in front with a good view, I did not always sit with my husband. Some were curious and asked me about that. My response was that my husband gave me freedom to sit where ever I wanted, and I gave him freedom to do the recordings. I made a number of interesting friends of those who sat near me.

In most of our classes, students were arranged in alphabetical order, but some classes were split with different groups from the alphabet, so we could interact with and befriend other students. One lady who became our friend turned out to be the wife of the Pastor of a church we attended once we were back in California. Her husband had attended Rhema the year before and now it was her turn to be a student.

Another nice thing the school did was to have representatives set up meetings at a local coffee house, so students could meet people from their home states! We felt like we were on a roll! So many like-minded brothers and sisters!

Homecoming was a huge undertaking for the school. It was quite extraordinary with many well-known speakers and participants. During the planning, one of the instructors asked us if we had a spare bedroom. Of course we did - we were all set for company! The instructor asked us to allow Jim Kaseman to stay with us for a few days. At the time, we were not aware that he was a mighty Man of God. We were happy to invite him into our home. Years later he still remembered us.

Monthly seminars kept the excitement high. Counselors were always needed for those who came forward for salvation, or to be filled with the Holy Spirit. My husband and I volunteered. With that, we met some precious couples who became our dear friends. We enjoyed many times of prayer and fellowship with these two couples.

God brings people into our lives, sometimes for a season, and other times for a longer period. Connections are often fleeting. Not all however. Some are for a lifetime.

Don’t let opportunities pass you by. When you allow others to become your friends and show yourself friendly, God has a unique way of meeting our needs through those he puts in our paths and vice versa. We need each other. We need those connections

Of course, there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, and that friend is Jesus – the best connection yet!

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God's life long friends, such a blessing... :-)