Monday, May 28, 2012

A Personal Pentecost can be Yours!

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Usually at least once a month my formal United Church of Christ allows me to share one of my stories.

Sunday was Pentecost Sunday and I told the story about the staff member at my mother’s care home asking me if my mother spoke Spanish? She continued to explain that each time Sister Bermudez comes to visit, they both pray and it sounds like Spanish.

I told her, Oh, I understand, NO it was not Spanish. That is my mother’s prayer language, because my mother has experienced her own Personal Pentecost.

In the 1960’s there was an additional outpouring of the Holy Spirit among the Episcopal, Presbyterian and Catholics as well as other denominations. Father Dennis Bennett and others were prominent in those days.

During that time, David du Plessis was a guest at our church. He told us that God has NO grandchildren and that each person must have a personal encounter with Jesus to be born again. We cannot inherit salvation from our parents or anyone else. We must have a personal salvation experience.

He went on to explain that even as we are “Saved,” we do receive the Holy Spirit into our heart and he becomes our guide and helper, but there is MORE and it is a Baptism of Fire that endues us with power to fulfill other than the mundane everyday witnessing. We must each one experience A Personal Pentecost which is in additional to receiving Jesus.

Those who experienced the Holy Spirit in the 60’s did not want to be called Pentecostal, because somehow they felt the Pentecostals were too strict, and maybe a little “country,” so they called the new movement “Charismatic.”

Even today you may ask for your Personal Pentecost and you shall receive.

Today being Pentecost Sunday, my story was appropriate for this occasion. I did get several blank looks, but others seemed to understand.

After the service one lady asked me if my mother spoke in tongues, and I replied yes, and I too received my Personal Pentecost when I was twelve years old.

Another lady came to me and told me that she had received her Baptism long ago and now she regularly sings in the Spirit in other tongues in her private prayer time.

The Music director had selected some amazing old hymns for today that were filled with the message of receiving the Holy Spirit, I told him I appreciated his selection of music today, and he encouraged me to keep sharing my stories.

Yes the Holy Spirit is still being outpoured, and for your own Personal Pentecost, you may seek and ask for Jesus to Baptize you with His Holy Spirit, - - and you shall receive.

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caryjo said...

I think I've mentioned it before, but I received the baptism at Dennis Bennett's church, St. Luke Episcopal Church, in Seattle. And it was miraculously. January, 1967. I've been involved with quite a number of churches and people who simply do not agree... BUT the Lord laid the prayer tongue on me when I wasn't seeking it and HE has been faithful. So, no one can fuss at me and make me think otherwise.

In the book, "They Speak With Other Tongues", David du Plessis was a very good teacher/character. Would loved to have heard him. YOU were in a blessed place at a wonderful time.

Thanks for sharing so straightforwardly.

Floyd said...

I think God pours His spirit out on those seeking Him in ernest. I don't care what you call yourself, if we can come together as His children with the knowledge of His sacrifice, the Son's death and resurrection along with the sacrifice of the Father, we are family...

I like to call you... my Sister...

Can you check out your subscriptions? I didn't get my last couple of posts????

Anonymous said...

"Wow Hazel I really look up to you for expressing yourself in church today. This is not a welcoming subject in many churches...I know the Lord was smiling today."
Vicki K

a joyful noise said...

Actually the door was open wide, so I stepped through it. Thanks, Hazel

Anonymous said...

So glad you could share this story at your church and here. We don't hear them as often as we should. I went to a charismatic, evangelical college and church and had my personal pentecost during that time. It's been a true gift, one I cherish. He speaks today, the same way he did long ago in the pages of His word.