Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Year of Miracles – Ahead

2016 Will be a Year of Miracles
Pastor Allan was encouraging the congregation to boldly step into God’s plan for 2016 and to move forward.  I took notes and present his digested sermon here:

God’s plan may not be what you are anticipating, but he is preparing to do greater things than you can imagine.  Sharpen your Expectations and be encouraged to go deeper in your Relationship with Jesus and with others.

You have witnessed what God has done in the past, and it is time to expect more.  Take the walls down.

First of all, decide who you are going to serve.  Joshua challenged the Children of Israel to choose between blessings and cursing's, between life and death.  He declared, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

It is time to make this your “Home church.”  What you see is what you get.  Are you going to serve the world and its system or whole heartedly come out for God?  Make your choice and then stick with it.  God will restore those who leave the world and become “sold out,” to God. 
Be committed to Christ, to your spouse, to your church, teach your children to commit and support our church. 
What is your week like?  Don’t be like Esau who sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge.  No matter what happens in your week; be here on Sunday. 

In our city there are over 100 churches, each with something special going on.  Go ahead and attend if it is a time we are not having service, but come here on Sunday.

You are called to be a part of this church.  Be committed to where God wants you.

Be willing to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, and to be effective for the Kingdom of God.

Understand that you are part of the body of Christ and He wants to use you.  Choices you make will determine who you are in Christ.  We are servants of the Lord.

It is time to decide to pay your tithes.  Don’t misunderstand and think I am begging for money.  We are doing okay, but you are missing out if you are not financially supporting this church.

Be planted and committed here.  Set down roots so you can grow spiritually.

Do not forget how important prayer is to God.  He reminded Jeremiah to pray where he was living.   Jeremiah 29:7 “Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf.”
We can pray God’s blessing over the situation you find yourself in.  If you are in a shelter, pray that God will bless and prosper the workers.  If you live in an apartment complex or a mobile home park, pray over your neighbors that God will bless them. In doing so you will find that you will in turn be blessed.  If you have a job, pray over your work place, and your co-workers.
Pray for jobs, factories, businesses, and the leaders of our city and county to make wise decisions.
Do not be swayed back and forth by the wind as it blows here and there, but take root and be planted and committed.
We need God’s power, for if we operate in our own strength all will be lost and not successful.
Riches without God is not success; but riches with God will bless you and others.  Pray for our city, and our church to prosper.  When we pray for others to prosper, there is a run off and we too will benefit.
Be willing to fill the need you see:  Be sold out for God and our church, be committed, be willing to volunteer, be grounded and rooted in Christ.  We are not perfect, but we are striving for a closer relationship with Jesus.

May I encourage you to plan now to unite with the 23 cooperating churches on January 9th at 9:00 am, for a Prayer Walk over our city streets?  We will not come with a personal agenda, but as servants to assist and work together as a team.


Cheryl said...

Wonderful words of wisdom, and while we don't live near you or go to your church, I took the advice for other parts of our lives, and I read it aloud to my husband. Oh, dear sister! Please do keep us in your prayers as we face some heavy trials. Your words encourage me so much.

caryjo said...

Someone gave me a gift a few years ago and it's on our front porch area and it's very strong saying: As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. It's been a huge blessing to have that there. Serving and worshiping the Lord, consistently and moment-by-moment, that's all I/we can count on! OH, and I'm a Jeremiah "addict", too. I've understood much of what he went through way back then, and, in some ways, I've gone through some similar situations in our present-day world. Thank you for sharing!

Floyd Samons said...

I truly appreciate the heart of God in this post and your pastor's words; praying in earnest for others is the hallmark of the heart of our Savior. Our Father has more than enough provision and sovereignty to bless and care for all of us!!!

Our Father's not short of anything and His grace daily proves it. Thanks, Hazel.