Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pray for Divine Appointments

Pastor Allan was ministering at Open Door Church, and from my notes I present an edited sermon - - -
Psalms 34:6 This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.

Prayer changes things, and we need to pray for our Country because it is still very divided.  Don’t buy into those who are trying to over turn the vote. 
Our church also needs to be united now and in the coming days.

If you are beginning to read your Bible, it might be better not to begin with trying to read from Genesis to Revelations in one sitting.  Begin with 5 minutes and then shoot for 7 minutes.  Don’t over do with 3 hours of reading.  Focus on the basics, and learn what the Bible really says. 
I too am revising my theology, as some things I was taught were scriptures taken out of context, to prove a point.  God is opening up the realms of heaven as we read His word.

God is doing a major thrust in America and also in our city here at home.  In high school there was rivalry one against the other especially in the football games.  In our city, this is not true with many of our churches.  We are coming together in unity. 
When we are working with other Christians we need to put aside our opinions and love one another.  We prayed much over the election for President, but we should have prayed more over the propositions that passed.  
We are reminded James tells us to pray for our leaders, nation wide and our civic authorities.   We have 3 new city council members who are believers.  We need to hold them up in prayer for understanding and wisdom, that God will grant them favor as they work to better our city.

The church has the responsibility to speak truth.  Pastors in our city are all saying the same thing.  They are anxious to do some evangelism door to door.

I shall give you some home work:  First: When you go home, take a piece of paper and write out your short testimony.  Take it and carry it with you. 

Second: Ask God for divine appointments for you to share your testimony.  These will not be freak accidents but will be arranged by God, so be prepared.  Open your Spiritual eyes, ears and heart. 

Jesus was immediately identified with the lost.  He mingled with tax collectors, sinners, prostitutes, and the broken hearted.  He embraced the lost because he came to save them and show them a better way. 
“Religion” puts a wedge between you and the church.  Keep your relationship with Jesus up to date as you rub elbows with the people in our city.  Jesus was not afraid to get dirty. 

It is said the shepherd will begin to smell like the sheep.  Some of those you may be disciplining, may not smell so nice, because they haven’t learned it all yet.

When Jesus was a guest, he acted civil and respected his host.  He was never forceful but was gentle as he taught about His kingdom.

Each of us will have different situations.  Show up with a bit of food.  If people you meet have needs you may offer to contact the Hope Center, or the Rescue Mission.  People need Jesus.

Matthew chapter 9 shows Jesus in many settings, teaching, healing and doing signs and wonders.  The religious leaders criticized Him, and you may get some back lash, but do not become discouraged.  Strive for truth and reality.

Jesus had compassion and loved the people where they were.  That is what we as a church desire to do as well.



  1. This is wonderful advice. I agree wholeheartedly. It was always the religious who gave Jesus trouble...the sinners loved Him. This shows that He was very gentle with them, as they would not have come to Him so freely, had He not been. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  2. I'm with you completely, Hazel. We need to pray for the healing of our nation and for the opening of everyone's eyes to the reason and sense that only comes from knowing our Father.

    Praying with you.


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