Saturday, May 19, 2018

Amazing Things Still Happen Today


Recently my daughter Judie and I attended a Glory Conference with Joshua Mills, as he inspired us to seek Jesus and enter into His presence. 

This can be done by silently being with Jesus as you pray and read your Bible, but also as you sing and praise the Lord with a Joyful Noise. 
Keep Jesus first in your life, and allow the Holy Spirit to become real to you in a "personal" way. 

From the Bible, we consider the life of Jesus as He ministered on earth and wondrous miracles happened as he preached,  healed the sick, and cast out demons.  

On one occasion - - After feeding a crowd of 5000, Jesus went to the mountain to pray, and the disciples entered the boat to go to the other side leaving Jesus there.  When a storm arose, Jesus came to them as he walked on the water.  They were afraid. . . (of course) but at his command to not be fearful, they allowed him to get into their boat.  IMMEDIATELY they were (transported) to the other side.  The people knew Jesus was not in the boat when the disciples left, so they asked how did you get here Jesus?   

Jesus called himself the "son of man," because when he came to earth, he left ALL of his "God powers." in heaven and became flesh on earth.  Everything Jesus did on earth was by listening to his Father God, and then moving in the anointing he received when he was baptized by John the Baptist.  Remember when the Holy Spirit descended on him in the form of a dove?  That began the anointing as he was filled with the Holy Spirit - - - same as we can be filled with the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus into our life.   

Amazing things happened to Jesus as he walked with His FATHER GOD.  At times the religious leaders tried to kill him as they were not believers.  Times of danger, guess what?  Jesus passed through the crowd and seemed to disappear.  WOW, did that really happen you say?   

Remember Philip preaching to the eunuch in the desert.  After believing that Jesus is the Messiah,  at the eunuch's request, Philip baptized him, and IMMEDIATELY Philip was lifted up and appeared in another city. (transported) - - WOW do things like this happen today?  Not as often as they should, but they do. 

Realizing that strange to us, many things in the Bible are actually true, and we can expect similar things to occur today.
~ ~ ~
At the Glory conference, Rev Mills told a story about himself and a valuable ring that had been given to him but sadly to say that during a stay at a certain hotel, it was lost.  The valuable ring also had sentimental value because it has been passed down from family to family.   He was extremely sorrowful about the missing ring. 

One day in prayer as he cried before the Lord, he asked for help in finding his ring and having it restored to him.  He was praising the Lord and the presence of God was like a cloud heavy in his room.  A vision began to appear before his eyes, and he saw himself walking in a quiet neighborhood.  One of the homes stood out to him and the walked up to the house and opened the door.  As he walked through the home, he entered into a bedroom and noticed a tall dresser, on which sat his missing ring.   

God told him to reach out and take his ring.  He did as he was instructed, and grabbed the ring in his left hand.  Immediately the vision ended and he was once again in his own bedroom - - - and he felt something solid in his hand.  There it was his missing ring, that had been stolen, but was now returned.  (true story)
~ ~ ~ 

In life, the enemy has stolen many things from us.  Some through ignorance, or neglect on our part, and some through NO fault of our own.  Understand that God desires to bring back to you things that the devil stole.  Perhaps it was your marriage, your job, your finances, your health, or your children taken from you outside of your control.   

God can and will bring you peace to go forward regardless of the situation, but in many cases He desired to bring a restoration of things lost. 

Believe God is for you and not against you.  What he has done in the past, He will do today.  Place your trust in Jesus, and get as close to Him as you can.  Know that you are His Child and as a Child of God, his DNA becomes a part of you.  God is Holy,  He has character to keep His Word,  He is healthy, He is rich, in that he needs nothing because he has more than enough. 
Walk with Jesus and you will never be disappointed.



Saleslady371 said...

There's no sweeter presence than Jesus. I know how special I feel when my children choose to visit me or invite me along with them. Imagine how God feels when we choose His presence over others. I enjoy it when you share times with your daughter, too. Always a good read. Hugs to you, my friend.

Karen said...

Every day God's presence is with me. He answers so many prayers. He is a miracle working God.