Monday, December 10, 2012

Dab A Little on Your Face!

Dab a Little on your Face
Having just graduated from Jr High, it was now time to appear at the High School for orientation day.

Complaining to my mother that I had no one to walk with me to school, my mother suggested that I ask Joann who lived down the street from us to walk with me.

Hesitating as usual to take the first step toward friendship, my mother did not pressure me, but she must have been in contact with Joann’s mother; because our telephone rang and it was Joann.  She asked if I would walk with her to orientation and I told her yes and the time I would pass by her house.

Up until that time, we had not been friends, but a lasting friendship began.  Each day we enjoyed our walk and also were company for each other at lunch time.

Joann’s dad was a postman, and her mother took in foster babies.  There were cribs of various sizes in different rooms of their house.  Her mother told me that sometimes a baby would arrive during the night, and they never knew for sure how long they would have each child.

 The reasons for these babies being foster cared were wide-ranging, from an unwed mother considering whether or not to keep her baby or give it up for adoption to a mother who was in prison, or in rehab.  Protective Services often removed a baby from an abusive home.

One day Joann confided in me how to have a beautiful complexion.  She said her mother instructed her to take the babies wet diaper and dab it on her face before washing her face.

She said it would take care of pimples and acne woes but it must be from an infant, not an adult.  There may be some truth to this - strange things seem to work at times. but it didn't appeal to me!

In those days the diapers were cloth, so the wet was absorbed thoroughly.  Joann did have a nice complexion, except for some freckles which were also attractive.

Although I am often a gullible person, I did not accept this story as fact, so I shared the information with my mother and asked her opinion. 

Her reply was, “If you washed your face daily and as often as the diapers were wet, perhaps you might have a lovely complexion, but she doubted it.

Thinking what one of our Pastors told us, to not believe everything we hear and only half of what we see, that is a saying good to remember.

Dab on your face if you will, or dab something smelly on your life, and you might not be able to wash it off unless you have help.

My help cometh from the Lord!  He not only dabs; but he pours out his cleansing for our faces, our souls and to cover our sins.  

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Unknown said...

Oh dear! I used to put lemon juice on my face in an attempt to get rid of my freckles. Thank God for His cleansing power.

Floyd said...

I think I'd rather have the rough complexion! Parents know things based on wisdom and experience... Too bad we didn't listen to our parents more! One person changes a life forever...

caryjo said...

HMM! The only part of this that makes sense to me re: the "wet diaper" is that the acid from the urine might be a skin-healer connected to those basic issues. HOWEVER, I think I'd be trying for something else. [When changing diapers for years and years and years, I don't recall that my hands became perfectly healed from everything, though.] My husband has been a scientifically-oriented person and I'm going to run this past him later just for his impression. OH, and changing diapers so much from 7 to 28 ... I was filled with acne on my face and back until I was in my late 20s. THE LORD healed me; that was a wonderful touch. HE is a Cleanser. -- But your story still has made me "hmm-ing".