Thursday, November 27, 2014

Be Still my Soul, and Know that He is God2


I was awakened the other morning hearing the angels sing - - Not with my "physical ears" but in my spirit I heard repeated over and over again - -

'Be still O' my soul, and know that He is God!  Be still O' my soul, and know that He lives within my heart.'

Not being a song writer and not much of a singer either, this was a new experience for me. I rejoiced as the anthem rolled and flowed over my spirit.

As a child I remember asking my mother, “Why does our church spend so much time praising God?”  She replied, “When we get to heaven we will do a good deal of praising, so we might as well get in practice now by worshiping the Lord with our mouth”

I can imagine the angel choir singing praises to God, and one day we will join with them in song when we reach heaven.  However Mother’s suggestion is a good one, begin NOW to get in practice with your praise. 

Through out the day I discover my lips saying, “Thank you Jesus.” I am reminded of the verse, “Bless the Lord O’ my soul, and forget not all His benefits.”

There are many reasons to Praise God!  First and foremost we are grateful that God sent His only begotten son Jesus to die for us so that we might be saved from destruction.

We praise Jesus for being willing to leave heaven’s glory, to lay down his life, and to become the supreme sacrifice so that we might inherit eternal life.

We give thanks to the Holy Spirit for filling us, and coming along side us to be our guide comforter, and teacher.

On the earthly and material level we then give thanks for everything and anything that brings us pleasure and joy, and for which we can be grateful.

List making is not my forte and never has been, (except for an occasional grocery list) but there are many who join with Ann Voskamp taking their Inventory of One Thousand Gifts to be thankful for.  Her book by that name has been a best seller and also has been translated into six languages.  Amazing isn’t it?

Ann’s record taking is of simple things that most of us overlook.  Might we begin to be thankful for a delicate flower in the path, a smile or a giggle from a child, or an unexpected hug from a friend?

In our hurry and scurry to get things done and finish the tasks that we have put on our “To Do list,” may we somewhere in that rush - - STOP and take time to BE STILL and reflect on God, and give Him the praise that is due Him.

'Be still Oh' my soul, and know that He is God! 

Make Every Day -A Day of Giving Thanks to God

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  1. Thank for this joyful blog. You give me positive thoughts.
    Be still My soul. I love this words.


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