Thursday, November 6, 2014


It is Good to Lean On Jesus
Our roofing business was being recognized by many of the general contractors who were building apartments and condominiums.  To protect ourselves we hired an attorney to help us put certain language into our contracts to indemnify us.

Our attorney also told us to be sure to place a Lien on each job that we accepted.

This became my duty to make certain a lien was prepared and applied. 

A large job came our way and the work was proceeding.  Our contract had asked for a partial payment at each stage of the job. However the payment did not arrive.  The following day, we did not show up to finish the work.  Their foreman phoned me and said they were ready for us to continue. 

I told him, we needed the partial payment before we could return.  He said, they were short of funds and I told him we also were short of funds and we could not purchase the material and pay our men unless they paid us.  He said that he would see what he could do. 
Later he called me back and told me I could pick up a check and I told him we will be there and we were.

The day came when we should receive our final payment for work completed.  Again there were delays and the word was out that the general contractor was asking all the subs to receive 50 cents on the dollar – take it or leave it.

Thankfully we had heeded our attorney’s advice and had placed a lien on the property.

When they offered for us to take less, we stated that we had given them a bargain price up front and we intended to be paid in full.

A year went by and the property had a buyer, but they could not complete the sale until we were paid and our lien was removed.  Eventually they paid us and we were pleased.

Fortunately, during the months of waiting, we had our day to day roofing jobs that kept us afloat and we did not suffer loss. 

In life there are times when LIFE is TOUGH, but Jesus tells us to lean on Him and rest.

Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest.


Lean on Jesus - by Leonie Davis 

I can lean on Jesus, when my world is falling a part,
I can lean on Jesus, He will up hold me and give
me a brand new start.
I can lean on Jesus, when all seems to fail,
I can lean on Jesus, In him I will prevail.
I lean on Jesus when everything begins to crumble and fall,
I can lean on Jesus, He is with me for the long hall.
I can lean on Jesus, when everything is going wrong,
I can lean on Jesus, because he has made me strong.
I can lean on Jesus, I won't take off and run,
He will lead and guide me until the day is done.
I can lean on Jesus, His word will I understand.
I can lean on Jesus, I will cling to his nail scarred hands.
I can lean on Jesus, the victory He has won.
I can lean on Jesus. for he is God's only Son.


  1. Hi, such a blessing to have the forethought to make sure you are paid and then to have God meet your need while you wait just proves that you can indeed lean on Jesus. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I am so thankful that we do not need to rely on ourselves in these types of situations. The waiting is so hard, but we know who is in control. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post!

  3. Great words to remind us "leaning" on Him is never EVER in vain.

  4. It is nice that God directed you what to do even before you needed it.... and yes, we need to "lean" on the Lord. :)

  5. As I often say, "He is IT". He is all I can count on and rely upon and trust. In our present-day world trusting Him is all I can do, moment-by-moment. Thank you for sharing so clearly, trusting Him. And, as usual, you blessed Him. You are truly a "blesser".


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