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"Breaking Chains of Fear" Guest Lana Vawser

With God there is more than one way to overcome fear
"Breaking Chains of Fear"

Guest - Lana Vawser, Sydney, Australia

Broken Hearts Mended

Lana Vawser reports her supernatural vision: 

Recently during worship, I had a vision of the angels of Heaven being released to the people of God to bring healing to those with broken hearts – hearts broken by discouragement, hopelessness and disappointment. I saw these angelic hosts come before these ones and place their hands over their broken hearts. Then suddenly, one after another, these ones who had broken hearts began to FLY! They flew high and fast to incredible heights like a rocket taking off.

He had come with healing in His wings as His angelic hosts ministered to His people and they were released to levels of faith, revelation, wisdom and insight that they had not been on and at an accelerated pace. There is such a glorious invitation from the Father into huge increase! I heard Him calling His people higher. "Call to Me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things, which you do not know" (Jeremiah 33:3).

I sensed the Lord encouraging those who feel broken by discouragement, hopelessness and disappointment to NOT give up! Stay aligned and stay positioned in Him for He has not turned His face away from you. He is close to you!

Tears of Love

I saw within the heart of the Father, in the different chambers of His heart, shelves and shelves of bottles containing the tears of His children. Every tear has been collected. Every tear of disappointment, brokenness and intercession... He has every one.

I then saw the Father take a bottle at a time and pour these tears over the lives of His people. As it poured out over their lives I saw the tears were coated in the most glorious gold, liquid love of the Father. Immediately I knew that He was saying that He has taken all the tears of pain and hurt and has TURNED these tears into tears of LOVE!

He is turning mourning into dancing and sorrow into joy. As these tears coated in liquid love and fell upon the lives of His children, suddenly life began to arise... and I saw the most beautiful colored flowers, one after the other arose.

"Restoration" He spoke. Restored to more than before. Blessed a thousand times over in increase (Deuteronomy 1:11).

NOTHING has been wasted! He has counted every tear and is TURNING those tears! Hold on, hold onto Him, and hope in Him for His love is about to be displayed to you in radical restoration a thousand times over. This restoration is going to elevate you to a higher level of encounter with Him and His RADICAL love! Health, finances, relationships, jobs, promotions, hope for the future RESTORED... ALL in Him and the Father's GLORIOUS love!

We are in a tipping point season of increase and restoration. Don't let hopelessness, disappointment and discouragement take you out.

There have been many tears, but in this season there will be tears of JOY as His love restores!

His Kindness and Love Is Breaking Chains and Cages of Fear

Many who have been entangled by fear, who have continued to press in for breakthrough from fear on so many levels (fear of failure, fear of being rejected, fear of being alone, fear of death, fear of sickness, fear of vulnerability, etc.) are being BROKEN and HEALED by radical demonstrations of His love and kindness.

I saw LAYERS upon LAYERS of fear all over the Body of Christ being broken. Melted away by His love. I saw many of His people having encounters with Him and the revelation of the Cross and His resurrection. Encounters during worship, encounters in visions, encounters in dreams, encounters in the Word seeing their eyes and hearts opened WIDER to the revelation of the price paid at Calvary, but even more so what FUELED His sacrifice... LOVE!

This is a season where decades and a lifetime of fear are finally being broken from many. The ROOT that has tormented them for years and years are being DISSOLVED as greater revelation of His love is poured out.

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I also saw the Lord's kindness and love being highlighted by the Lord fulfilling heart's desires. The Lord is showing His people even in the smallest ways how He pays attention to their heart. That He is a good Father and He longs to lavish good gifts upon His children. There will be more and more moments in the Body of Christ where His people will have "Wow, He really loves me," moments and where secret heart's desires will be fulfilled.

His kindness will lavish increase and blessing upon His children in ways that MEAN SO MUCH to them, and only HE could have known about it and deliver it in the way that would be so impacting. The result of these radical demonstrations of His kindness will be these strongholds of fear GONE! And His people falling deeper and deeper in love with our radically KIND God!

All the years of crying out for breakthrough from fear, all the years of pressing through, repentance and renewing of the mind, and believing His Word: the scales are being tipped and breakthrough is here. A fresh, new, brave, courageous adventurous spirit is being released over the Body of Christ! Hearts arising that partner with Him in His adventure without fear!

No more restraint, no more holding back and cowering away in fear, but the bold people of God moving forward, destroying the works of the enemy because they KNOW they are victorious in Him and GREATLY LOVED and where you are perfectly loved, you are perfectly safe and there is NO MORE FEAR!

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear..." 1 John 4:18

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