Monday, September 14, 2015

David’s Tabernacle/Tent

David’s Tent DC

Pastor Allan was very interested in David’s Tent DC erected in DC near the Washington Memorial. Pastor participated in a conference call about the continual worship to our Lord Jesus for 424 days in Washington DC.  The event is from Sept 11th 2015 to the Presidential Election on Nov 8th 2016.  You may want to follow them on Face book.

Fourteen years ago, a terrible devastation changed our culture and the stance of our leaders. The date of this remembrance was when this David’s Tent DC went up.  Already praise is going forth from the tent, and all are welcome to bring groups to praise God.

As the church, we must set the tone for the nation with our worship and praise.  When God wanted the city of Jericho taken and walls pulled down; Joshua was told to have the people march silently around the city for 6 days.  On the 7th day, they were to blow the trumpet and shout, and the walls came tumbling down.

Listen to the speeches of the politicians.  All are divided with different ideas.  There is great division in our nation.  Many in our country do not recognize God, and those who do not believe in Him, work the hardest to tear down Jesus Christ and those who belong to Him.

Our battle is not in protest marches, riots and fighting, but our battle is to worship and allow God to fight for us.

Worship is not just about music, although Pastor said; he loves to play songs unto the Lord.  We have seen people dance, even paint pictures as they worship God.  Your weekly duties can be worship to God as you keep your mind on Him while you do the best job you can; even if your boss is cantankerous.  

Believing God is worship. Your very lifestyle is worship as others see Jesus in you.

When the storms of life come, we must still praise Him, not for the problem, but for who He is.

God desires continuous conversation with Him.  To seek His face in every thing we do.

Saul was on a religious rant to kill Christians, but he recognized God’s presence when he was struck from his horse to the ground.  Our attitude may need adjusting and we may get smacked down like Saul.  Don’t harden your heart but keep tender to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor confessed that he may not always handle himself in a proper Christian way, and he may fall short at times, but he is willing to quickly repent like David.  He said, “I can scream and head bump with the best, but my heart must be right and I must be led of the Lord.”

Use the talents and gifts God has given you to expand the work of the ministry.  God will train and teach you how and where to be most effective for Him. 

Sing a new song unto the Lord.  Sing from your heart showering Him with words of gratitude and tell Him how much you love and appreciate His mercy and grace.  Your song may not be structured, but sing your prayer, prophecy and decrees over your loved ones and over this city and nation. 

Paul didn’t want his followers to be like him, but he said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

Posture yourself as warriors who worship.  The workers in the Old Testament had a sword by their side as they rebuilt their city.  They were watchful as they worked. 

Jesus was anointed by Mary with priceless ointment.  Our praise and worship anoints Jesus afresh.

Be in His presence 24/7.  May your life be a continual worship unto Him.



  1. Worship should be a lifestyle indeed and not just done every Sunday.

  2. This is a good reminder that all of our life is about pointing the lost and our hearts toward our Savior. I'm praying for this nation too.

  3. That Scripture “Follow me as I follow Christ.” have always got me. Our lifestyle should be one that would show others Jesus. People should look at us and know we are Christ -followers.
    Thank you Aunt Hazel.

  4. I've never been out there for any length of time... just a day back in '90...and have friends who have been out there to be praying and worshiping and dealing with the reality. I see much of it and it breaks my heart re: the significant numbers of the people who are not at all focusing on our Lord, but breaking through to sinful things. Anyhow, I'm grateful for the ones who go when the Lord calls them to do it. He sends me other places, so that's all I can do re: Him. Bless you for sharing.


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