Saturday, September 5, 2015

Divine Appointments

Look On Us !
Divine Appointments
Go out on the highways and by-ways of life and COMPEL THEM TO COME IN!” Now since we don’t grab people by the arm and force them to serve Jesus, what is God saying? 
Well, it starts with looking them in the eye, ONE PERSON AT A TIME...God is literally saying, I want you to "look at people in THEIR EYES!"
Pastor Allan was bringing the Sunday message and I present here an edited portion.
Seek God’s Face.  Don’t be satisfied with just one potato chip or a little snack from God’s word.  God wants an intimate relationship with each and every one of us.
We can only be responsible for ourselves.  God is not done saving sinners, but we can’t make people change.  Each of us must have our own Personal Relationship with Jesus. 
May we view sinners as God see’s them and consider the potential in each person.
Jesus came to seek and to save the lost; we are to urge them but we can not force them against their will.  God has his methods to pry open their hearts.
They want to escape Hell, but not serve God. 
Adam and Eve were created in the Presence of God.  They had free reign except for one spot.  Their act of disobedience was enough to separate them Spiritually from God.  This was no surprise to God, for He knew this would happen, and He already in place His Plan of Redemption, to thwart Satan for his rebellion against Heaven.
A baby is supposed to grow and mature.  New Christians are like babies and must get into God’s Word and learn to be accountable. 
Many people have at one time had a connection with the church.  As you meet people, be confident and witness with boldness.  Look them in their eyes and focus on their faces. 
Imagine Peter and John meeting the crippled man and confidently saying, “Look on us.  Rise up and walk.”  All they were doing was going to the temple, but they rewrote history.  It was a divine appointment. 
God has an agenda.  The Holy Spirit may tell you to stop and witness to a person.  As Holy Spirit Filled Christians you have the ability to change someone’s future.  Be filled with the Holy Ghost and you will have gifts to offer.  First to bring individuals to a point of salvation, but in the power of Christ you can do anything. 
This certain man at the temple gate was lame from his birth.  He was born in his affliction.  Some children are born into addiction.  For generations addiction in it’s varied forms has been passed down to the children.  These generation curses must be broken.
Joshua told the people of Israel that they had a choice; Life or Death.  Then he told them to choose Life.
If you stumble, “Get Up.” 
The devil will say, “You are right on schedule.”
We think we are in control and can quit habits that bind.  When Jesus stretched his arms, He knew you were going to fail.  He knew all the sorrows and pain, but Jesus can break every chain.
It is not our job to condemn others to hell.  God parted the water and He is able to  take drug addicts, clean them up and get them ready to preach.
As Pastor closed his message, he seemed to be speaking to a certain individual: 
Be careful to walk softly.  We are a generation of illegitimate children.  Don’t be offended son, but do be careful to NOT miss what God has for you.  I want to encourage you to become a life changer.  God is working on your life.  The enemy desires to steal and destroy you and your family.  Jesus is MORE powerful, so choose Jesus.
I can tell you inspiring stories of deliverance, but you must experience God and his encounters for yourself.  Jesus loves you and desires to use you.

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  1. Hi Hazel,

    It sounds like your pastor gave lots of good ideas for reaching out in love to the people around us, and for sharing the good news of Jesus.

    Re your comment on my post "The Call On Line Two," Hi Hazel,

    Oh yes, I'm a firm believer in the importance of doctors too. :) This wasn't doctor-necessary. Wow, your burst appendix sounded scary and painful. Glad you are okay now.

    Thanks for your sweet words. I was thankful to have reminders to pray for others so often, and want to keep that up now too. It's so easy to forget, huh?

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan


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