Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Body is Wonderfully Made

Our Body is Wonderfully Made
Jesus is Our Healer and at times He uses doctors

Many times we get sick, and as we pray - - often we are healed.  Other times our body will heal itself as we allow time to do its work.   So what are we to do when we don’t find relief from our pain. 

Our body is wonderfully made.  God put us together with cells, blood and organs to function and keep us well.  We are basically made up of water and mud, and our body has its own electrical system.  Our brain sends impulses to various parts of our body telling them to function as they should.  Sometimes our brain needs reminding to do its work properly.  

Medical Field:  I am not against doctors and they have helped me many times - - but - -

Our modern doctors are taught to prescribe drugs and if that doesn’t help, they add to the first drug more drugs.  The truth is drugs can poison your body and eventually kill you. 

Our old fashioned doctor refused to prescribe drugs for long term; But not our modern doctors as that is what they learned to do in Medical school. 

Is the Medical Field our only hope? 
Alternative medicine seeks to use food, vitamins, and other methods to bring relief. 

Chiropractors manipulate the spine to align the body so that poison will drain through the kidneys.  

Other scientists have discovered points in our body that when pressed or massaged, will open up blocked areas to help drain infection. 

Some alternative doctors prescribe exercise within reason.  Here is where you avoid YOGA because its base is from Eastern gods and their spiritual guides.    

Should we jump on the band wagon and accept everything offered?  It is wise to use caution because there are Charlatans out there who are wizards with magic potions that should be avoided. 

I remember many years ago, my jaw locked and I could not open my mouth.  A chiropractor using a manipulation put my jaw back in place.  Another time with my jaw again, my local chiropractor could not help me.  I went to a different chiropractor who advised me to do some simple exercises with my tongue and to tap the top of my head to wake up my brain to use the muscles in my jaw.  That took care of the jaw problem. 
After my recent fall and landing on my back, I have two areas that have a swelling (lump)  I need to see a Chiropractor that also does massage as I believe this will help bring relief. 

For the most part, I avoid drugs, but I daily take vitamins and herbs and a baby aspirin. 

Be wise, be aware and let the Holy Spirit be your constant guide, when you need extra help with your health.


  1. I'm with you on all accounts, Hazel. Drugs tend to hide real problems and do their own long term damage. I know there's a time and place for them, but not first.

  2. Wise Words Aunt Hazel!I don't like medications too and I only have them when and if necessary.
    Blessings to you Aunt Hazel

  3. I sure enjoyed what you were describing. I'm very anti-Yoga... and some strong Christians think it's funny and fine. Also other things you mentioned -- many drugs in my family situation for many years, mostly back in '65. Alcohol was very strong in my family. I'm very grateful for the Lord. He broke into lives. As I've indicated at other times, the Lord has healed me and protected me from the time I was a kid. Officially He healed my heart when I was 28 and 39. I've been in hospitals and many other things over the years. NOW, I focus strongly on the Lord, moment-by-moment.


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