Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cross Over to the Other Side

Jesus Was NOT Worried about the Storm
For our Wednesday prayer meeting over our city, I prepared this short focus.
We have just celebrated “Pass-Over,” the time the Angel of death Passed Over and did not take the first born from the Children of Israel.  Pharaoh was now anxious for them to leave Egypt – but ahead of them was the Red Sea an impossible undertaking to cross over. 

God told Moses what to do.  The next morning, God said “Now it is okay to CROSS OVER, because I am going before you. 

God was leading them into supernatural events ahead as he provided and protected them.  God specializes in things thought impossible, and He wants us to trust and obey.

The disciples of Jesus had toiled all night and had NOT caught any fish.  Jesus told them to “CROSS OVER” their net to the other side of the boat.  When they obeyed His command, their net was so full of fish they were afraid the net might break. (but it didn’t.)  Often we are so comfortable doing things as usual, we fail to cross over to the other side and CHANGE as God directs.  When we obey - - we will experience a Supernatural break through. 

Another time Jesus was exhausted from ministering all day.  He wanted to go Across the Lake and get some rest.  As they entered the boat, Jesus made a strong statement; “Let us CROSS OVER to the other side.”  Jesus then lay down and went to sleep, while a huge storm rose up.  The disciples forgot that Jesus had said, “Let us cross over to the other side.” Meaning He knew ahead of time they were safe, no matter what was ahead.  When God gives us His direction, it is up to us to exercise our faith and believe that we are protected and are “Crossing Over,” according to His Will.

It is time to declare: "I am going to cross over to the other side,” - - even if we have to do it afraid; it is our time to cross over, and cross over we will, in Jesus' name.
As we continue to pray over our city, our families and our nation, may we be reminded: 

1.     If the task looks impossible, we may need to seek God’s face; wait until morning and then cross over. 

2.     If what we are doing (praying or hoping for) is not working, we may need to ask God for His new plan and direction and take our net to the other side.

3.     If it seems the storms are about to swallow us up, we may need to remind ourselves that Jesus told us to Cross Over to the other side.  He knows victory is ahead.  So let us continue to pray and believe God’s word, as we progress forward to complete our assignment.



  1. My son is seeking God's will about missions. Several people have spoken over him about crossing the Red Sea or the Jordan on dry ground. Thanks for sharing this good word.


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