Sunday, May 22, 2016

An Excellent Spirit

Daniel Prayed Every Day

Pastor Rodney brought the message for today and my notes are digested here for you.

Daniel Chapter 6 tells of King Darius setting 120 Princes to rule in his kingdom.  Over these were three Presidents of whom Daniel was first.

There is something about a person when their “light” is shining that causes them to be noticed.  An excellent spirit was found in Daniel, and the King recognized there was something different about him.  Daniel served the True God and faithfully prayed and worshiped God every day. 

God gave him wisdom and favor with the king which caused jealousy in the hearts of the 120 Princes.  They searched to discover fault with Daniel but the only thing they could find was to touch his religion. He was faithful to his God and to the king and all he did was blessed.  The Princes had a plan to trick the King.  They suggested that the King make a decree that no one be allowed to ask of anyone else except of the King for 30 days.  The penalty for failing this decree was to be cast into the lions den.

Daniel was not rebellious, but he was faithful to his God.  The Princes found Daniel praying as he always did and told the King.  The King realized he had been deceived and tried to find a way out, but there was none. The men reminded the King that his decree could not be reversed. 
The King finally summoned Daniel and told him, “I believe your God is able to save you, and I hate to do this, but I must cast you into the lions den.

All night the King fasted and prayed until morning.  With a lamenting voice he called out, "Daniel, was your God whom you serve, able to deliver you?"

From the pit, Daniel replied, “Oh King, my God sent an angel to shut the lions mouth and I am safe."  The King was both happy and angry.  He was glad Daniel was alive but angry at the Princes.  He ordered them and their wives to be cast into the lions den, and their bodies did not make it to the bottom of the pit before they were devoured by the lions.

Today, do you understand that Satan has made decrees over many of you and told you that you must continue your bondage and that you will never be free?  I am here to tell you that Jesus has reversed the “Curse,” and he will rescue you out of the lion’s den.
You may have people you thought were your friends, and they have planned evil against you, perhaps they snared you into the pit, but God’s plan is to bring you new life in Jesus.

Another story in Daniel chapter 3 tells of King Nebuchadnezzar who made an image of gold to be worshipped, or failure to do so - - was to be cast into the fiery furnace. 
Certain Chaldeans found fault with the Jewish leaders, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who refused to bow down to the idol.  The King was angry and gave them a second chance to worship the image.

The three men declared, “Be it know to you oh King, our God is able to deliver us, but if NOT, we will not serve your gods.  The King was furious and commanded them to be bound and cast into the burning furnace, but as the people watched, they could see the three men and a fourth person walking around in the fire. 
The king was afraid, and called them to come out, realizing that God had sent an angel to protect and deliver them.  The three men were not harmed, and not a hair was singed, nor did they smell of smoke.  The King promoted them with honor and made a new decree not to speak against the True God - - or else.

God has a good plan for you and will bless those who are faithful to serve Him.  He charges His angels to protect and watch over you.

Keep your relationship with God up to date and be like Daniel, who was faithful to pray and worship God every day.

Be faithful and know that the choices you make to serve God do matter.  Keep the faith.

No one of us are perfect, only God is perfect, but He is continually working on us to become perfection in His eyes. 
Understand that Jesus is coming soon for those who have received him into their life. 

Remember the verse in Luke 11:9  Ask, Seek, Knock and the door of salvation shall be opened unto you. 



  1. There is so much to glean from the book of Daniel. Our pastor did a whole series, and I could listen to it again! As kids, we used to sing "Dare to Be a Daniel, Dare to Stand Alone"

  2. This whole section of the Daniel Book is amazing and glorious re: how the Lord protected and brought people strongly to Him. Daniel is another one I hope to meet when I'm in Heaven!

  3. I love those stories and the lessons of faith. Thanks for sharing, sister.

  4. Hi Hazel,

    I like studying Daniel too. He is a great example, huh?

    Jennifer Dougan

  5. Hi Aunt Hazel, I am sharing this. It is a powerful message. The enemy passes evil decrees but the Lord is faithful to deliver us.
    How are you Aunt Hazel? I am on a short break now. Thank God
    Regards to your hubby, I hope he is all well now..?
    With much love, God bless


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