Sunday, September 4, 2016

When the Holy Spirit Ministers


Pastor Allan was preaching as I took notes and present a digested message for you today.

(The worship portion of the service was prolonged as a young girl and her mother had been kneeling in the front while the girl gave her heart to Jesus.  After a time, they rose and took their seats.)

Pastor began:  There is no rush when God is moving and we must always allow the Holy Spirit to have His way.  He tugs at our hearts, and there is a Spiritual Breath as He ministers.

This world is spinning so fast; many are suffering personal losses, all for different reasons.  Making choices is difficult at times, but I must be obedient, patient and trust God.

God is corporately going from house to house, congregation to congregation.  There is a Spiritual Shift as he hovers over each dwelling place.

Those of an older generation remember how things once were.  It is hard to see America fall apart.  The future is unforeseen but we must place our trust in Christ Jesus.

As you actively pursue Him, you will be challenged.  Allow your light to shine even in the darkness.

Jesus took sin from a different point of view.  What is in your heart and in your thoughts?

Without Jesus in your life, your heart is corrupt.  Jesus taught the importance of not using your imagination to consider sinful things, for you are then guilty of the act.

As your Pastor my first job is to take care of the body of believers; to prepare you for life, and strengthen your faith.

We need to begin to hang out and to know each other.  We study and worship together, but we also need to hang out.  Let there be no walls, no clicks, but only a love and caring for one another.

There is a shift in the season.  What ever was working will not work in the future.  We need to be freshly equipped in order to minister to others.  God selects and chooses you and sets you apart – and you belong to Him.

1 Chronicles 22:19  "Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD your God; - -

It is important to have a relationship with each person of the God Head.  Have a conversation with God the Father, other times with Jesus and also with the Holy Spirit.

You may have only conversed with Christ Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, but God the Father desires your company.  Jesus came to reveal “The Father.”

All believers need the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to speak and to pray in other tongues.  Realize there are other gifts that are essential in the believer.  The Holy Spirit wants to use you to give Words of Wisdom, knowledge, and to prophesy.

Paul said, I Corinthians 14:5  Now I desire you all to speak in tongues, but rather that you should prophesy.   

The Holy Spirit has power gifts that we need to utilize.  Understand that you have the ability to walk in power.  Each person will be different in their approach, but that is the refreshing.  We need more of the Holy Spirit operating in us during our services.

You need to be Baptized with the Holy Spirit.  You may say, you are scared, but The Holy Spirit is what you need to be full of.  Our song shall be; I will go where you tell me to go, I will say what you tell me to say.

God is constantly changing me. Our city is changing.  We will see radical salvations, healings and deliverances.  All this begins by seeking God.

So many are bound in various ways; Financial bondage, and by Religious Spirits.  We are not walking in opinions and garbage that is not in the Bible.  Show me chapter and verse.  Some are practicing “Religious practices” that are not in the Bible.  Open your Bible and search the pages for truth.

Pastor concluded by calling 10 godly men and women to the front to face the congregation. 
These leaders will pray for you to receive what you need.  If you need the Holy Spirit they will pray with you to receive.  Let us stand and come forward.


  1. Beautiful, Hazel, simply beautiful. Breathe on me breath of God and fill me with your Holy Spirit.

  2. The Holy Spirit filling is what we need and we have to be patient in His presence and rush out of it. Thank you for sharing PST Alan's message
    Blessings to you Aunt Hazel

  3. Speaking in tongues, worshiping the Lord, glorifying, and focusing on Him is what I can do, when I can do it! All I can do, moment-by-moment, day-by-day, night-by-night. Hope to be in Heaven soon!!!


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