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Pastor Allan asked our Bible Teacher Linda to take the morning sermon, and I took notes and present an edited message.

Our Bible Studies have been about the articles in the Tabernacle and how they relate to Christ Jesus.

Today is Communion and we have a table set with bread and grape juice representing the body and blood of Jesus.  God is a great and faithful king, and the Holy Spirit speaks to always glorify Jesus.  Jesus is worthy of it all.  The table of Showbread in the Tabernacle was made of pure gold with decorative gold crowns around its edging and on the table was placed twelve loaves of unleavened bread.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and the Hebrew word is “House of Bread.”  Jesus is the living bread as He said.  He is our bread of Life.

Matthew 26:26-30 speaks of Jesus taking the bread, blessing it and breaking it saying, “This is my body, which is broken for you, do this in remembrance of me. God is a god of detail, and the bread on the table of Showbread was a representation of Jesus the Bread of life.

Jesus then took the cup saying, this is my blood which is given for you - - he went on to say, I will not drink it again until I am able to drink it with you in the kingdom.

Why did Jesus speak about the Kingdom? 

What do you think about when you think about a king?  Perhaps you think of Majesty, a Gold crown, royal garments, Honor, Reverence, and Power.  Jesus is all of that and more. He is our King and we worship Him as King of our life. 

In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus likens the Kingdom to wise and foolish virgins; some with enough oil, and some who neglected to make provision for more oil.  We as believers must keep filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit and this is accomplished by study of God’s word, and being in His presence.

Jesus gave another illustration about the Kingdom, like as a business man giving gifts to invest to his trusted workers as he left on a journey.  Some were diligent to step up and invest in the kingdom, and were faithful in the opportunities given to them. 
One was fearful and afraid to use that which was gifted to him.  He held back and refused to work with what he had, but instead hid it.  When the owner returned, he was pleased with those who invested wisely, and gave them more responsibility in the Kingdom of light, but the fearful man was cast out into the kingdom of outer darkness.

Matthew 25 depicts Jesus on the throne as king with the angels surrounding him.  He gathers all the Nations and begins to separate the sheep from the goats. He says to the righteous, when I was hungry you fed me, when I was naked, you clothed me. 
They replied when did we do this?  Jesus said, “For as much as you have done this for others, you have done it as onto me.” 
This was the condition, serve others and you are serving me.  The body of Jesus was broken for everyone, and His blood was shed for all.  Jesus modeled for his followers what the Kingdom was like. 
Jesus knew one would betray Him, but he girded a towel around his waist, and taking a basin of water, he washed the feet of His disciples.  He asked, “Do you understand what I have done?  You have called me Lord and Master, and you say well, for I AM. 
His example was the servant is not greater than his lord, but we must all have humility.  Receiving those persons who God sends your way, is the same as receiving Jesus and therefore receiving God the Father who sent Jesus. 
There is no difference in the kingdom.  Love one another and know that God loves all people.  It is a choice to become a part of God’s Kingdom. 
A decision must be made to accept Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Consider your willingness to serve in the Kingdom.  Model after Jesus with Kingdom, behavior, kingdom love, service, giving and commit our loyalty to God who rules.

As we take communion today, may it not be a ritual, but an emotional and spiritual experience, remembering the symbolic meaning of the bread and wine. 
His broken body and his blood was shed for you. 
Be a part of His body, for He is worthy of it all. 

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