Monday, December 6, 2010

Jesus at the Catalog Store

I returned to work at the Old Wards Catalog store, and was assigned to the catalog orders in the pricing department on the third floor.

There were no computers in those days, and we used a large flip pages book. I was given the department that sold curtains, drapes, and all the supplies associated with them.  If the customer failed to look in the sale book, we gave them the better price and adjusted their order. This job did not end at Christmas, because they needed me to stay on and fill an empty position.

One day, my co-worker accidentally burnt her finger with her cigarette during break time. She was in pain, and she let me know of her discomfort. I reached over and placed my hand over hers, and spoke a quick prayer. Actually it was not a prayer, but a proclamation. “In Jesus name I command this pain to stop!” She was surprised and pleased to inform me that there was no more pain, and we continued to work.

Another lady was upset about a family member delving into homosexuality. I always carried a small New Testament in my purse, and I quickly scurried to her station and showed her Romans chapter one and the verses about the depraved mind. She had never seen these verses before, and was happy to know about them. She said, “Tell me again where to find that, and I will look it up in my Bible at home.”

While we were working, actually there was no time for teaching and preaching, because we were timed with each stack or orders we were given. I made my quota that day, because I was learning to be quick and sharp to the point.

The job location is not supposed to be a witnessing tool, but God does open doors and when you see one, it is time to quickly and softly walk through it. Otherwise, just allow your light to shine, and often that is enough. Much can be said about the silent witness.

In the work place, during lunch break, do bow your head, and give God thanks for your food. That is the greatest silent testimony that there is. By this action you can also discover fellow Christians in your workplace.
One of my co-workers was a girl from Sweden. She spoke English well, and shared with me that she learned English at her school. Because she was staying with a family near by, I was happy to provide a ride each way, which was a testimony to her.

Little acts of kindness, is another way to show the Love of Jesus. Be prepared, and look for them each day.

Reach out and touch others, if not with your hands, at least with your prayers.

Actions of love will go a long way in showing the Love of Jesus.

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Ann Kroeker said...

Wow, way to make the most of a moment! I'm impressed with how bold you were--and how the people responded so positively.