Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Working at the Old Wards Store

Christmas of 1954 was approaching, and the Montgomery Ward Catalog store near us was hiring Christmas help.

I thought this sounded like a good temporary job and it would assist me with my Christmas shopping.

I applied and they asked me to take a math test working simple problems in my head.

The job I was to have, consisted of breaking down the order if something came from another Catalog store; splitting the tax between each portion, adding the shipping for each store and doing it all quite fast. No calculators were allowed, and because we were good at math, it was faster this way.

My supervisor brought me a stack of orders every 20 minutes, and she explained that she would increase the amount of orders until I could do a set number. I thought to myself, “It is not possible.” But would you believe it? Soon I was speedily sending out my quota.

In those days, the pay came in an envelope in cash. Usually there was a couple of crisp $2. bills along with other bills and change. I saved all the $2. bills and as time went on, used them to slip into birthday cards.

Employees were given close out sheets listing bargains in the older catalogues. I was able to secure some nice items at very low prices, which made me happy and also my children. We were to have a great Christmas!

About two weeks before Christmas we were all laid off, and it suited me fine. I enjoyed my short stay and returned the next year to do similar work again for a short period of time.

Not everything in life is permanent. Some things are for a season and to be enjoyed while we have them. Savor the moment and love unconditionally, especially your family.

I realize the need of being able to “Let go,” each time I hear of a loved one who has passed on to Glory. My comfort is that I will see them again, but for now they will be missed.

Most of my Uncles and Aunts have gone to be with the Lord, only my Aunt Edna, age 96 and my own mother of 99 years remain, from their time period, and are still with us.

The Bible seems to indicate that God gives us at least 70 years to enjoy this life. Both my husband and I have surpassed that mark, and we believe for more years to come.

In the mean while what ever your hand finds to do, do it well with all your might,” and enjoy the day before you. Live and love life, and live for Jesus, loving Him most of all.
“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

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