Monday, May 30, 2011

Let the Fire Fall

One summer my friend and I took our young children and spent a week at Yosemite National park.

Our husbands had brought us up on a Friday and helped us pitch a tent and unpack our supplies. Staying the night and leaving the next afternoon the men folks left us one of the two cars so we were not completely stranded in the wilderness.

The camp grounds hosted a lovely open air Sunday church service where we sang songs we all knew and a gentleman spoke about all the wonderful works of nature that tell us there is a God.

Our cooking was done on an open fireplace, so each afternoon we took the car and had the boys help us find wood for our fuel.

I shall always remember one exciting event. We had to wait what seemed a very long time while the sky continued to get dark and night finally arrived in its fullness. At the top of a very high mountain, men were building a huge fire and at just the right moment they were going to push the fire over the edge of the mountain and allow it to fall.  We had been promised that it was quite a show!!

What a sight as the big push was ready and the people shouted; “Let the Fire Fall.”

Again and again the people yelled; Let the Fire Fall.”

Over the edge of the cliff the fire came in bright flashes of light. The glow was magnificent as the sparks seem to flow everywhere triggering more embers as they fell.

I remember many times in my life as a Christian, when I shouted to God, “Let the Fire Fall.” Let it fall on me.

By His Holy Spirit, God will send His fire to those who seek His Glory. When the Holy Spirit comes with Fire, he burns out all the dross, and empowers us for His service.

The fire that God sends is not for show, like the fire we saw on the mountain, and His fire does not soon extinguish. The Fire of the Holy Spirit continues to reside in our heart and remains there with the gentle embers burning constantly.

The Bible tells us that “After the Holy Ghost is come upon you that you shall have POWER to ‘BE’ witnesses.”

There is more that we can do for God that we are often not brave enough to believe that it is possible. His Holy Spirit with Fire makes it possible!  Only believe!!

Can you shout with me? “Lord Send the Fire, and let it fall on me!”

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Laura said...

What a beautiful story, Hazel. I can't imagine how exciting it must have been staying for a week in the wilderness. And then the fire fall! Wow. The way you parallel the Holy Spirit with this magnificent flame is just lovely. Lovely.

We remember today. Sending much love.

Anonymous said...

Its a beautiful story.I felt peace while reading and after reading it.Have a great week.

Jodi said...

Yes, and amen; let the fire fall. Thank you for sharing. That must've been an amazing sight. By the way, Hazel has always been one of my favorite names.

Anna said...

This is so lovely, and I needed to read this today. "When the Holy Spirit comes with Fire, he burns out all the dross, and empowers us for His service." Let the fire fall on me--that's a wonderful cry of the soul. Thank you for this.

Sheila said...

Thanks for directing me to this post, Hazel. It's a great story.