Friday, February 10, 2012

The Three Partitioned Plate

In the early 1930’s there was the popular Depression glass plates, bowls, and goblets of yellow, green and pink colors that were all the rage.  Perhaps they were inside of Oatmeal boxes or other products.

My husband mentioned to me that during this time, the movie houses, certain stores and gas stations gave away dishes of various types as an incentive to entice customers to come into their establishment.

Although my mother tried to treat all three of us children equally, as I think back in time, she did many special things for me that the other children did not receive.  Perhaps it was because I was the oldest.

When it was dinner time, I fussed because I did not want any of my food to touch the other items on my plate. My dad gruffly remarked, “What difference does it make; it all gets mixed in your stomach?” That remark did not satisfy me and I was particular if not peculiar.

Where Mother got it I am not certain, but somehow she was able to find a dinner plate that had three divisions. To my surprise she presented me with this marvelous dish.

Delighted was not the only word, I was ecstatic with joy to receive such a glorious plate.

Happily and with care, I piled my mashed potatoes, green beans and meat loaf into each area. It was my duty to gently wash my dish after each meal and it was then placed into a safe area away from our everyday dishes.

As time went by, I outgrew the need for my plate, and although I kept it - - eventually I passed on my precious plate to my daughter.

I am reminded that the Children of Israel were to “pass on” to their children the laws and traditions that had been given to Moses on the mountain. They were told to write them down so that their children could read and remember them.

God tells us to hide God’s word in our heart by memorizing it and by continually reading and studying the Bible. When God’s word is a part of us, it is easy then to share the Good News with others who are hungry for truth.

Fill your plate with the meat, bread and milk of the Word, and then liberally share with others.

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Anonymous said...

Your plate is beautiful! I really enjoyed your post--what a wonderful heirloom to pass to your daughter. I also liked how you related it to Moses. God gave you a way to share His truth through a childhood memory. Thanks again for your visit. Have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

HI Hazel - what a great analogy. My girls were also like that. they wanted their foods to not touch. I love how you end this post - fill your plate - with the food of the word. Have a great weekend, God bless

floyd said...

Excellent analogy Hazel. You know I'm partial to the analogies from our childhood and the parallels to our heavenly Father. They always make me smile. Thanks.

Dave Lord said...

Nice post. I love picturing Christ as the bread of life; I never hunger when meditating on his word.

Ann Kroeker said...

What an awesome mom, looking for a way to bless her daughter! Plus, the Depression glass is so beautiful. My mom collected it for several years, so I know she has a lot stashed away.

Thanks for sharing this sweet post via Food on Fridays!

caryjo said...

My Mom-in-law gave Dave a few Depression plates and I still have a couple I use under plants. I love them.

The giving to our children is very important. One of the recent aspects I've been thinking of is to complete my "laundry list" so when I die or am headed that direction, my kids, grandkids, mission-adopted kids, spiritual brothers and sisters, etc., will receive what will encourage and bless them. Born with nothing, go to Heaven with nothing. You got my mind going that direction, and it's a good one.