Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making a Sign

Sign courtesy photobucket.com
One of my favorite Blog Sites is Billy Coffee and his ramblings.  He recently wrote a post about a Man with a Sign.  This man had a grievance against the Gas Company, and he decided to protest by holding up a sign about his anger.  Billy gave the man a thumb’s up as he drove by and the man returned the gesture.

This story reminded me of a time I made a big sign.  

We had a guest staying with us in our home, and she was married but separated from her husband.  A man, I will not call him a gentleman, was kind to her and would come by our place, honk his car horn and take her out to dinner.

One evening after church this man showed up in the church parking lot and picked up our guest and was recognized by my friend Agnes.  She told me this man likes to find Christian women and take them down the path of sin.

I hoped this was not the case with our house guest, but I decided to do something perhaps a bit foolish but never the less I needed to act on my idea.

The very next time the man came to pick her up, I placed a large posterboard sign in our front room window. 

This man knew something about the Bible, and my hand lettered sign was a reminder to him to think about making a change in his life.

My house guest smiled at the sign, but she liked it too.

Eventually she and her husband went back together and life went on and boy friend went on to greener pastures.

For a moment, I am thinking about the Bible and signs and wonders.  It depends where you worship, but in some churches some amazing supernatural signs are happening. 

Although personally I have never seen the gold dust or the mist that enters the room, and people getting healed of gross diseases, but I believe it.  The Bible says these signs are for the unbelievers to realize that God is near and they should repent and receive Jesus. 

Believers are NOT to seek a sign, because they might end up being deceived by something false. 

However if the Spirit moves and signs seem to follow, we as Christians are required to judge if they be of God.

Be teachable to receive truth from God, but for heaven’s sake do not be stupid and gullible.

However I am waiting because the next sign I want to see, is Jesus coming in the clouds!!



Thomas Mason said...

This was a enjoyable and interesting read, Hazel.

David Rupert said...

This really made me smile. Very creative! And I know there are people (and the Holy Spirit) showing me signs every day. But do I read them? You reminded me to keep my eyes open

Floyd said...

This reminded me of that old song, "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign." Wisdom from our Father gives us the edge on seeing the signs and His will for our lives. I'll be looking forward to that sign in clouds as well...

bluecottonmemory said...

One of my favorite songs is "The Days of Elijah" where He comes, riding on a cloud, shining like the sun, at the trumpet all! - Yes - I cannot wait to see that sign! Thank you Hazel for reminding me to be discerning with all these signs people seem to be putting up all around us! Blessings to you!