Friday, October 18, 2013

New Furniture

A Moving Van
The year was 1936 and my Dad had just purchased our two story house, and we moved from our rent house what little we had into our new home.

The old house was actually three stories, because there was a four room low ceiling basement that we used for play, a work shop and home canned goods.  Twelve stairs brought you to our living area and upstairs were three rooms and another bath.

One of the Railroad engineers where my Dad worked was refurnishing his entire home.  He was offering for sale a house full of nice but second hand furniture for $250.
My dad took him up on his proposal.  A few days later a big moving van pulled up in front of our house.

I remember the red table and chairs in our kitchen, and the brown dining room table with matching chairs, the sofa, an overstuffed chair, some small tables a tall lamp and a fancy lamp to sit on one of the tables.

Dad liked to sit on a padded chair while he listened to our radio.  Important was a wringer washing machine and a refrigerator, plus some other items that to me as a five year old did not make much of an impression.

Our three bedrooms now had a dresser and beds.  Prior to that time, a mattress on the floor was comfortable enough.

All this was blessings to us because when you have little to nothing, almost anything can become a treasure.
Years later Mom and Dad purchased a better sofa, and passed our old one, still in good condition to someone else in need.

Even when I left home and married Robert, deluxe furnishings were not the big item but something to make do was the usual.

Today in our home, our big screen TV is our most luxurious item, and my washer and dryer are next.  And of course there is my computer.

Our kitchen has all the gadgets that Robert enjoys using while he cooks.

To be honest we want for nothing except for a bit of our youth to be infused.

We have each other and our three loving dogs so we are rich indeed.


Floyd said...

It seems to me that you're one of the youngest people I get to interact with. Never mind the years, it's about the heart. You have a young and yet wise one, sister. Great story.

Joy said...

In compare to my childhood, yours was like pretty much blessed with material things:)
But, now I am blessed by God in every need I have. God is good:)
I love your stories from your childhood.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited Hazel. that you are now publishing Book Three. I enjoy so much reading stories each brings me joy" Vicki K.

Sharon said...

Who can trade earthly possessions for the riches of the King? A great post, Hazel. I loved it. And, love your grateful attitude for all the wonderful blessings that make your life rich today. I was inspired by that.