Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nineveh is Laid Waste

This post was from my notes taken during our Bible Study Sunday Morning.

Nineveh at one time was Glorious

The Prophet Jonah was a very spiritual person and he had a personal relationship with God.  He often heard God’s voice.  He was also a exceptionally opinionated person. 
Because of his knowledge of the wickedness of the people of Nineveh, he hesitated to do what God asked of him.  God said, “Jonah, I want you to go preach to this wicked and corrupt people in Nineveh.”

Consider what is happening to the church in our day.  Evil is not only in the world, but sadly to say, it has infiltrated many in the church world.

Jesus spoke about the oppression that Religious leaders were doing in his day.  They were guilty of misusing the law and also their power and authority as leaders. 

Jesus was criticized by the religious Pharisees and challenged at every turn.  He spoke out against them with Godly authority and used his voice as if He were God speaking.  Jesus said, “don’t judge me, because you are then judging God.  Understand that God can do anything He desired to do and God is innocent of any wrong doing."  This angered the leaders even more.

The Prophet Isaiah prophesied that Justice shall be done.  Jesus told the leaders that their very words will judge them.  Jesus spoke truth and the leaders refused to receive it.

Church leaders then and now, must be hold and above reproach.  We as a people must have open ears to hear God speak to us as individuals, and be willing to make changes God requires.

The prophets spoke that the people’s hearts were hard and needed to become soft as a child’s innocent enthusiasm.

The mighty works that Jesus did needd to be recognized and God given the praise for his love and mercy.  Jesus remarked that if these works were done in Tyre and Sidon they would have repented.  How much more is judgment come to you?

The leaders were “Religious” keeping the law and their rituals, but their heart was far from God.

This reminds us of Jonah.  God is righteous and a God of Judgment, but He is slow to anger.  God is also merciful when a sinner turns in repentance and comes to Him.

The Prophet Nahum predicted the fall of Nineveh.   We do reap what we sow.  The people were worshiping idols and committing sexual sins and were killing their babies as sacrifices for their false gods.

Nahum 1:11 There has one come out of you, that imagines evil against the LORD, a wicked counselor.

God was extremely concerned with their worship of idols and false gods made of wood and stone, and the corruption that was included in their worship of these gods.  Their leaders were corrupt, horrid, drunken and not fit to lead.

Nahum reviews how God loved them and delivered them in the past from Egyptian bondage.  Nahum give a stern rebuke to Judah to return to God and to listen to God’s prophets.

Nahum 3:15  Nineveh that bloody city shall be torn in pieces and devoured by fire and by the sword.  Your strong holds shall collapse and your people shall be taken into captivity.

The proclamation comes to pass and Nineveh is laid waste. 

What can we learn from today’s study?  
It is a reminder to us all that God is in control and He is all powerful.  May we kneel at His feet and worship him only.

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Unknown said...

Amen! I believe that every verse in God's word points to His sovereignty. Thankful for His grace and mercy.