Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Burnt the Beans

My husband asked me to watch the beans and turn them down when they started to boil. I turned them down and set them on 5 and put the lid on.

Then I turned to my computer to do some research. I did not smell the beans burning, but my husband in the other room must have smelled them.

Without a word he removed the pot from the stove. He took the best ones out and set them aside and began to clean the burnt pot. I noticed NOW what had happened and was silent myself.

No harsh words were spoken and I did not defend myself – I was guilty. I usually set the timer so I can check the tea water or other things on the stove – but I had failed.

Isn’t that way with God when we do something that embarrasses us or when we realize we have messed up. The Bible says in Romans 8:1 that if we are walking in Christ Jesus that he does not condemn us. We have that assurance that we are his child and he understands our shortcomings.

Well, my husband was so sweet not to accuse me or say anything and as I thought about it I realized why.

Last time He who had burnt the beans and I did not say anything.

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  1. Oh the sweetest story, you blessed me today Hazel, thank you...


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