Monday, January 4, 2010

New Pups and Top Dogs

New Pups and Top Dogs

I noticed our neighbors new 6 month old German Shepard puppy was limping He seemed to be accepted by the two older dogs as they ran the yard. Our neighbor told me the pup would get in the box with the other dogs and cuddle. In the night our neighbor would hear a yelp and the next day it was the pups other leg that was limping.

Did you even feel like you were the new pup at work? New jobs often create jealousy if you do your job faster or better than the ones who have been there awhile.

Or did you ever feel like the new pup at your church? Were you being accepted as long as you sat down – shut up and put your money in the offering?

Give it more time and keep your humor. The older dogs will soon realize you are not one to bully and you should just keep smiling and praising the Lord. Of all things do not stoop to snippiness or treat the other dogs with bites back. (back biting.)
Thanks for allowing me to make a joyful noise! Hazel

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  1. Such a good word... one we all can relate to!Even the puppy! Thank you Hazel.


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