Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things Lost and things Found

Did you ever misplace something and could not find it?
Did you ever loose anything?

One Sunday afternoon I received a phone call from a Police officer who asked me if I had lost my check book. At first I thought it might be a scam so I asked him to hold on a minute. I looked in my purse and sure enough my check book was not there. I had stopped at my new bank to use the ATM to make a small deposit and my account number was required. I had taken out my check book to copy the numbers and apparently had left it there when I replaced my ATM card into my purse. I returned to the phone and the officer asked me to come by and get my check book and told me where the station was.

The Bible speaks about lost things; A lost coin and a woman who swept until she found it. The Bible tells of the lost sheep and the shepherd who left 99 others to go after the one that was lost. We were all lost at one time, but the Lord Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to hunt us down until we made that decision to follow Christ.

When I was a little girl we had chickens and rabbits. We kept the rabbit cages locked with a key and the key turned up lost. My mother questioned all 3 of us children if we had done something with the key. We all declared we were innocent. She said, I will just pray and ask the Lord where that key is so she did. The next morning she told us that in the night the Lord has instructed her to look in the chicken feed trough. Sure enough there it was. We were so happy to find something that was lost and was now found.

The Bible tells us that the angels in heaven rejoice over one sinner who makes a decision to receive Jesus into his heart. The lost has been found.

So today I rejoice in finding lost things because it certainly is more exciting than loosing them.

P.S. The next day I went to the Police Station and retrieved my check book. I took a loaf of zucchini nut bread and a copy of this message. The police officer asked me if the bread was a reward. I told him no it was for doing such a good job of Police work. I told him that I often share at my Church and this incident had triggered a message. I told him there was a copy in the bread gift bag. He said, “I will be sure to read it.”
Thank you for allowing me to make a Joyful Noise today!

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  1. I love the way you write your stories...love them!


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