Friday, August 15, 2014

Are You Afraid this Plane Will Crash 2

Today I am sharing a chapter from my Book,
Rescue the Stories Book Three.

Many years ago, we had moved to Oklahoma to attend Bible School, and it was necessary for me to fly back to California to attend a court hearing.  One of our customers did not want to pay their bill for their new roof so it was necessary to take them to court.   
I made my reservation and off I went.

“Are you scared that this plane might go down?” asked the young lady sitting beside me.

“Oh, there is nothing to worry about. This plane will arrive safely at its destination,” I told her. 
“Why do you say that?” she asked. 
I replied, “I am on this plane and I have prayed for a safe trip, and God hears and answers (most of) my prayers.  We might have a few bumps, but just like on a highway there are ruts in the road at times.  Don’t worry!  We will get there on time, and all in one piece.”

I did not try to convert her, or quote scriptures or use the “Roman Road” technique because many times we are only led to speak a few sentences, and that is all that God requires.

It has been my habit to speak certain words as I enter an airplane.  I remember well the day that I heard a minister tell about his airplane adventures.  He reminded us of the story of Jesus getting into the boat with His disciples. 
As Jesus stepped up to enter the boat he spoke these positive words, “Let us go over to the other side.” 

His words were bold and optimistic, and they did not include fear that the boat might sink; as the waves were to soon roll over the boat and nearly collapse it into the deep.

Jesus fully expected to arrive at the “other side” unharmed, and safe and sound!!

“Let us go over to the other side!”  Just a simple statement! 

Now I use those words when I step up onto an airplane.  You can those words when you open your car door even to drive to work or to town. 

You can even apply these words to your jogging, or your walk in the park.

Expect safety, and expect to arrive at your destination worry free, under the careful protection of the Angels who are always watching over you. 

Every one of us is daily, coming closer to arriving at our final destination. 

There are only two ultimate final locations.  One I would not wish for anyone to go there! The other place is Heaven. 

Inviting Jesus into your heart will give you safe access into heaven.  If you have not already done so, it is a simple statement of faith.  It is simple and just say with your mouth - -

“I believe you died on the cross for my salvation, that you rose from the dead and are alive today, Jesus, come into my heart and I will live my life for you all of my days.”  

Following Jesus will lead you safely to the other side.

May the God of peace watch over us every one and carry us safely over to “the other side” to Glory.


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  1. I remember this one! I've been flying a lot for business lately too, and I never fly without praying, or start my day for that matter. Only God knows what those few words planted in that lady's heart...


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