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 I recently read an E-Book, Simple Keys to Heal Loneliness by Dennis and Dr Jen Clark.  I gleaned some thoughts from this easy to read book and present them for your consideration.

Many suffer from loneliness, and perceive that they are not accepted and not part of the group.  It is true that we need to connect and be with people, but the fact remains we can be lonely in a crowd.  Why are we lonely?  That is the big question. 

Dr Jen declares that loneliness is a Spiritual problem and then she gives keys to receive healing.

Often spiritual bondages occur in childhood, and we must understand that there was a set time when loneliness took its hold.  Sadness and self pity are friends to loneliness.

Throughout a person's life the lonely spirit is welcomed because it is a "familiar spirit."

Breaking free is accomplished when you allow Christ to do the work in your heart.

Do this.  Close your eyes and in an attitude of prayer, picture the first person or situation that comes to mind. Let yourself feel any sadness or loneliness momentarily. Present this memory to Jesus.  

Christ will heal what you present to Him, but you must first acknowledge that you have the pain.  You are simply bringing what was hidden out into the light.

Receive forgiveness from Christ in you and welcome the presence of God into that area. Let Him fill any emptiness in you. You should instantly feel the change inside you. You should have “know-so” assurance. You may want to pray through several other issues in the same way.

Barbara gives a review of the book Simple Keys to Heal Loneliness by Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark 
The healing process for issues of the heart may vary for each one of us. For me, understanding was not only a key, but it opened my heart to greater freedom. I encourage you to consider taking the first step with this easy to read eBook, which will not only bring understanding of the pain inside the lonely heart, but an opportunity to break free forever. I once was lost and alone even in a crowd, but now my heart can connect to God and others in a way I never thought was possible.
Be long as there's life - there's HOPE.

Says The revelations that Dr. Jen shares in this book transformed my life!  Knowing that what I was experiencing was spiritual, and not a malfunction of my personality, or a part of my personality, brought tremendous encouragement and hope in what had felt like a hopeless situation.
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  1. What wise advice. Thank you so much for sharing! So simple and yet so powerful!

  2. Good words and message.... I am so glad for the hope God gives.... thank you for sharing this. :)

  3. Yeah, that makes sense. In the end I have to remind myself that God isn't limited by anything... He made everything! He is the answer for all of our problems and shortcomings. Good reminder. Thanks.

  4. Even though I don't have time to truly read right now, I CAN say it seems to fit right into my character issues a time ago. Without the Lord breaking into my physical, emotional, and spiritual system, I wouldn't be on this earth in any good way. I'm a grateful lady!


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