Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mayfield our Black Friend

Mayfield Our Black Friend
Our roofing business began as a sole Proprietorship with only Robert installing asphalt shingle roofing, but God had other plans.

Robert’s cousin was out of work, and we decided to hire him to carry the shingles up to the roof and soon Robert began training him to install roofing. 

Then Robert’s mother and his step-dad LD moved to California and needed work.  LD was experienced with the hot tar and gravel roofing, and we began to receive requests to bid on this type of roofing.

We decided to purchase a tar kettle and Robert’s uncle was out of work and offered to man the tar kettle.

As time passed, we began to bid and accept larger jobs and now we needed an extra man.

One day at our shop, a young black man named Mayfield showed up and said he was recently married and needed a job.  Robert put him to work and he was a good worker.

Mayfield loved his wife and their small child and he became part of our family.

On Friday nights he enjoyed playing poker with his old buddies, but he always drove home that same night to be with his little family. 

One fateful Friday night it was storming and Mayfield may have had a beer or two.  As he drove home his car skidded and went off the road hitting a tree and killing our friend. 

We were saddened, and the entire crew showed respect to attend his funeral. 

Later Mayfield’s Uncle phoned us and asked if Mayfield was covered with insurance and a death benefit.  Our secretary told him she would find out and get back to him.

Naturally we had Workman’s Compensation, but this death was not work related. 

As we talked it over, we decided to take funds from our personal account in the amount of $5,000 and give it to his family. 

His wife appreciated all we could do for her and her little girl, but she never knew the whole story. 

Sometimes you just do what you gotta do and this was one of those times!


  1. God has blessed you for doing the good thing with the right heart, Hazel. That is doing for others and our Father recognizes that it is an act of obedience and love toward Him and the ones He loves… We need more people like you and Robert in this world!

  2. This is a real heart-grabber, a heart-breaker. I truly understand. It's a miracle that my parents weren't killed while driving when having been drinking. And many other relatives. Our Lord is the only protector and, to be in heaven earlier than planned is an eternal issue, but, as I often say, "God is BIGGER". I'm sorry it challenged your business, but thank you so much for sharing with his wife. A huge blessing to her. The Lord piled much on her through you. [AND, BTW, Dave and I are leaving town next Monday, so I can't post and I can read or comment or anything until the NEXT week. But I always miss you and yours. You are a treat!]


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