Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why do Bad Things Happen?

None of us are free from mishaps and even tragedy.  The storms of life will sometimes bring us many ups and downs. 

Often we ask the big question, "Why did God allow this to happen?"

Some people think God sticks pins in us and then laughs because we cry in pain.  No a million times NO !!  Our God is not like that, when we suffer, he suffers too. 

A simple answer to the WHY question - - is that bad things happen because we live in “LIFE, after the fall of Adam and Eve.” 
Naturally some things happen because of our own failure to listen to the Holy Spirit or our excitement to do it ourselves.  

We must not blame God for misfortune our old enemy Satan brings to us and to those loved ones around us.  

When we get an inkling (premonition or intuition) that trouble is ahead, it is time to pray, or rather to SAY. 

Yes, go ahead and speak to the forewarned trouble and command the problem to leave and not return.  Yes tell trouble to NOT enter your domain or your sphere of influence.

Tribulation, Problems and Messes are a Nuisance and we do not have to put up with them. 

Jesus spoke to the fig tree and later reminded his disciples to SAY to the mountain, “Be thou removed," to believe it and it would be done.

So what do we do next if we don’t quickly see an answer?

1.     Stand fast and praise God that He is working on your behalf.

2.     Finally and last, work on your doubting attitude by “Replacement Therapy,” meaning Binding and loosening.

Identify each negative attitude you are holding on to that is preventing you from total Faith to believe that God is in control; such as doubt and unbelief, fear, worry, anxiety, fretfulness, imaginations of terror and all the What if’s.  Yes, go ahead and speak to that attitude and tell it to be removed and cast into the sea of forgetfulness.

Now is the time to find a positive opposite for each negative one; such as believe, boldness, calmness, relax, quietness, composure, harmony, confidence to name a few.  Claim the positive replacement attitude and make it YOURS.

Praising God and having an attitude of gratitude will help you focus on the goodness of God and not on the bad things that often happen.
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  1. I loved this post, Hazel. God has really been teaching me about the power of words. Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and I am trying to remember to speak life and faith and positivity, instead of the negative. I really appreciated the advice you gave have a lot of wisdom to share.

  2. Amen Hazel! Wonderful reminders! Thank you!

  3. All I can do, moment-by-moment, is praise the Lord and rely upon Him to deal with me/us in this present world, and help me consistently look at the heavenly realm. Thanks for sharing. You are always a special informer. ;-}


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