Friday, October 24, 2014


Almost but Not Quite !
Recently I wrote about a time in my young life when I ran out of gas and how a kind service station attendant helped me get it right.  I stated that to this day I have never ran out of gas again. 

Thinking back several years ago when our family was returning from Oklahoma to California;  I remembered when we were very close to running out of gas, “Almost – but not quite.”

Our daughter, Becky was riding with me as I drove our car.  Robert was driving a U-Haul truck, and we met each evening at a designated city and motel.

The next morning we would set out again with our schedule in place.

As Becky and I drove, we were talking merrily as mother and daughters often will do, and I had not paid any attention to the gas gauge.

The car began to cough and alert us that something was definitely wrong.

Quickly inspecting the gas indicator I realized we were in trouble.

As we peered down the highway, staring far into the distance we thought we could make out a gas station on the other side of the road.

I cried out to God; “Oh Jesus, as you multiplied the loaves and fishes and fed a multitude, I ask you to please create enough gas so we can make it to that station.”

The sputtering stopped, and we slowed down, but we kept a steady pace toward our goal.

I kid you not, but that car purred all the way - - at least half a mile, until we finally arrived to fill up our tank. 

In life there are times when we know to do the right thing but something beyond our reasonable intelligence causes us to hesitate. 

We almost make the correct choice but not quite.

Almost but Not Quite !
As Paul stood before King Agrippa, the King declared, “Almost you persuade me to become a Christian."

When it comes to receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord it is time to not just entertain the thought - - but to accept Him.  The Bible says “Today is the day of Salvation.”

A preacher once said, "He who is almost persuaded is almost saved, but to be almost saved is to be entirely lost."

You might enjoy the Lyrics to the Hymn “Almost Persuaded.”


  1. I love this story and I totally believe it. God is so good to take you the extra half mile. I'm so happy you were protected!

  2. I agree. "I'm thinking about it" or "Sounds good but not right now" won't do anyone any good because it means he/she decides against surrendering his/her life to Christ at this moment. There may never be another moment... To not decide is to decide. To remain indifferent or undecided is to reject the Gospel.

    Thanks for sharing the hymn!

  3. This is a blessing! AND the Lord expressed my gas when driving at prior times. It's one of the amazing, glorious moments we can walk through and rejoice through. Thank you MUCH!

  4. I love to hear stories of God's miraculous provision to His children. And I love how you connected your story with such a sobering truth.
    Thank you for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday!


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