Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Running Out of Gas

Early experiences in life can cause you to be careful about things you want to encounter only once. 
I was a young bride, just having received my driver’s license, and decided to visit my friend Maude.  She lived about three blocks off one of the main highways in our town, so the trip did not take long.
After a lovely visit, it was time to leave so I could get home in time to fix supper.
We said our good byes, and Maude went back into the house, and I jumped into my car.
I turned the key in the ignition and all I heard was a grinding noise.  My car refused to start.
Because I was a fairly new driver, it had not occurred to me to watch my fuel gauge and sure enough I was out of gas.
Pulling my wits around me, I grabbed my purse and took off walking to the main road. 
I remembered there was a gas station at the highway, and I was healthy and a walk was good exercise.
When I arrived at the station, I explained to the kind attendant my problem and he shook his head while biting his lower lip, to show he understood and felt bad for me.
He walked briskly into the garage area and returned with a red gas can and put just enough gas in the can to accomplish the next step. 
The gentleman that he was, he escorted me over to one of the cars near by and showed me how to lift the hood.  He explained that after I poured most of the gas into my tank, I needed to do something else.
“Look right here,” he said, as he showed me where the carburetor was.  You need to pour some gas into the carburetor to make sure your car will start.
He knew I was just a kid, so he did not require a deposit on the gas can, but he did tell me to come right back and return it, and if I had enough money, I might want to purchase a bit more gas.
The can was not that heavy, but it did slow me down a bit on my return trip to my car.
After I had poured most of the gas into my tank, I gingerly pulled the hood release, and proceeded to put the rest of the gas into the carburetor as instructed.  
Putting the can in the back seat - - making sure it was upright, I headed back to the gas station.
Although I did not have much money with me, I purchased several gallons of gas, thanked the nice man and drove home to tell Robert my unhappy, but exciting experience!
Lessons learned can be painful while the process is going on and I am a fast learner.
To this day, I have never ran out of gas again. 
In life, we often run out of Spiritual fuel, and when this happens it is time to visit God’s fueling station. 
Our spirit runs on the fire of the Holy Spirit and the living water from Jesus; and although the fire and water are free, the value is priceless.  

So if you are running low, perhaps it is time to “Fire Up" with a renewed Holy Spirit infilling, and another big drink of the fresh living water - - for it is just a prayer away. 



  1. This was a great post! It is so true that we run out of gas in the busyness of life and neglect the very heart of what fuels our soul. Always enjoy your stories! Blessings! Cathy

  2. Oh Hazel, this was such a precious story. I love your stories! I once ran out of gas with my boys in tow, only about three blocks from home (all uphill, mind you!) I felt foolish, and a bit helpless. You were quite enterprising!

    It's so true, though, isn't it, that it's often the same in our spiritual lives. And empty tanks cannot be filled with the things or people of this world. As you have said, only the Holy Spirit can fill us up. But, when He does, we are filled to overflowing indeed!!



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