Sunday, December 4, 2016

His Mercy Endures Forever

Pastor Allan was ministering as I took notes and present his edited sermon here for you.

Psalms 136:1  O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endures forever

Who ever told you serving God would remove all your problems, was not telling you the truth.  Trials will come and the rain falls on the just and the unjust.  At times life gets crazy and unexpected things happen.  We try to figure things out and many times we ask the question “Why?” 
Yes we have Jesus and He is the God of all comfort, but there are times we need to comfort and encourage one another. 

Winter has arrived and it causes our trees to look bare and without fruit.  The trees are preparing for the Spirit season and for new growth.  Pruning is necessary.

Don’t be discouraged if things in your life appear empty and barren.

I remember Grandpa’s place and in the winter time we cut wood and loaded up the trailer.  It was a lot of work.  It was also time to harvest the potatoes and put them in the cellar.  It was time to prepare for winter.  The wood was ready when the house got cold, and the potatoes were our staple food.  But we had to prepare and get ready for winter.

When turmoil seems to hit us, it is not time to turn your back but to face it head on and move forward.

The New Year is ahead of us with interesting days ahead; but prepare your heart now to trust God.  Don’t worry about the future, because God has not forsaken you. 

Our hope is not in the White House, not in our Government or the interest rates, but our hope is in Christ Jesus.  Don’t look to man, but follow Jesus.  Don’t even follow me as your Pastor, but follow Jesus, - - yes do pray for your pastor realizing that he is human and is doing His best to follow Christ.

The Children of Israel followed Moses, but there was Something was rotten in the state of Denmark."   While Moses was on the mountain talking with God, the leaders were not right in their heart and were molding golden calves to worship instead of God. 

I would like to say we can always trust our leaders, even our ministers, but it is important to read and study your Bible for yourself.  Some places the preaching is nothing but a watered down sermon to tickle the ears and it is without substance.  It will not satisfy and feed the hungry soul.

Psalms 136:7-9  To him that made the great lights: for his mercy endures for ever:  The sun to rule in the day: for his mercy endures for ever:  The moon and stars to rule in the night: for his mercy endures for ever.

We look at our world created by a God of order.  He is concerned about you and everything about you.  Remind yourself of what God has done for you in the past.  He is our Savior, our deliverer our healer and our comforter and His mercy endures for ever.

Can you imagine the look on the Children of Israel’s eyes when the Red Sea opened up?

God is a God of miracles and He will make a way for you even in the wilderness.

The cross was plan “A” because His mercy endures forever.

If we are not careful, we get caught up in “religion” and judge others by our personal relationship with our Lord. 

When the Children of Israel were in Egypt, they had free rent and free food in exchange for slavery.  The instructions for freedom were to get under the covering of the blood of the Lamb.  The next morning, they had to act on the directions given and proceed to march out of Egypt.

As we move on to what we know the Bible commands us, be an encourager instead of a judge.  All sin is covered by the blood, yet there are boundaries and expectations. 
God is the same yesterday, today and forever, but we as Christians must be willing to change as God corrects, directs and challenges us to mature and grow in Him.

Move forward and be empowered as you are full of the Holy Spirit. 

Keep being reminded that His mercy is everlasting and His love endures forever.


  1. Focusing on the Lord is all I can do now and forever! He is all that counts! Did so much for so many way back in our world. I sure hope to see other worlds to visit in when I'm in Heaven. Always think of that and wonder of that. Bless you....

  2. I'm reminded that this isn't our home. God is good, but this world is fallen and our perfection awaits on the other side of this fallen flesh.

    His love endures forever. That brings peace to the soul.

  3. Wonderful message and so true, we must follow Jesus, and not expect man to take that place in our lives. Trials come to us to fine tune us, and make us more trusting in the Lord and stronger in our faith. Great words shared today :)

  4. I'm so thankful for this!! thanks for the smile today!



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