Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Virgin Birth and Why it was Necessary 2


As we consider this Christmas Season and celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, let us rejoice and be thankful for the Virgin Birth.  

It is extremely important that we understand WHY the Virgin Birth was so necessary. 
The Bible tells us that the Life is in the Blood.  Jesus said he was the Life and the light of Life.  

When the first Adam sinned and ate of the fruit in the garden something terrible happened to his body, his soul, and his spirit  - - (and his blood.) 
Adam became sort of REVERSE born again or changed into a different person.  His blood now had the sin nature which all mankind has inherited; and has passed on to each child from their father.   

1 Corinthians 15:45 tells us that the Last Adam was Jesus.  Jesus was not born with Adam’s sin nature because his Father was God.    

Doctor M.R. De Haan explains in his book, “The Chemistry of the Blood” that Physiologists have proven beyond question that the MOTHER does NOT impart HER BLOOD to the babe that is being formed.  It has been proven that the blood that flows in the arteries and veins of the babe is from the FATHER of the child.   The Father of Jesus is GOD which makes the blood of Jesus holy. 

Mary herself wondered and told the Angel, “How can this be since I have never known a man?”  

The Angel told Mary that this Holy Child that will be formed in you will be conceived by the Holy Ghost, and the life in him will be from his Father God.  Mary said to the Angel, “Let it be so unto me even as you have said.”  

God needed a blood sacrifice to atone for Adam’s sin.  All the good righteous people on earth had Adams blood and none qualified to be the Sacrifice.  Jesus was the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  His blood was Holy because his blood was from his Holy Father God.  Only the Blood of Jesus could wash away the sins of the world.
That is why it is so very important to be thankful for the Virgin Birth, so that the Holy Jesus could shed his Holy Blood so that we could be saved and changed into another person. 

So my joy today is; that I am thankful for the Virgin Birth and all it means to purchase for you and for me -- the gift of salvation.   

1 Corinthians 15:45  And so it is written, "The first man, Adam, became a living soul," the last Adam became a life-giving Spirit. 


1. Where does the baby get his blood?

2. Why could the blood of Jesus wash away our sins?

3. Why was the Virgin Birth Necessary? 

4. If you have not already done so - -Will you take advantage of the Shed blood of Jesus and ask Him to wash away your sin?


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