Friday, September 15, 2017

"I Am Stirring the Waters"

For our Wednesday day of praying over our city, I shared this short devotional by David Lebo or Hedgesville, WV.  As we realize Jesus is stirring the water, and He is the pool with five porches - - - We can have a part in the salvation of the citizens of our city.  The Pool is available to come to the people.
~ ~ ~

Jesus is the Pool


"I Am Stirring the Waters of the Pools of Bethesda!" (John 5:1-14)

In the gospel of John, there is a great picture of God's fivefold ministry that many, perhaps, would miss in a fast reading. But if you read through it again, you'll discover that this particular pool in Jerusalem, near the Sheep Gate, was surrounded by "five covered porches."

"These FIVE porches are My five coverings in fivefold ministry," says the Lord God Almighty. And in that day, the angel would come down into the pool and stir the waters; and the lame, the blind, and the paralyzed would all lie there waiting for that moment when that one angel sent from God would stir the waters so they could jump in and be healed. There was one catch. You had to be the first one in.

In that day, there was one man in particular who had been an invalid for 38 years. He could not make it into the pool fast enough to be the first one in. So then, Jesus came by that special day and He noticed this one man lying by the pool and He asked him the question, "Do you want to be made well?" And the sick man replied, "I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred."

This man is much like the Church today, who gives excuse, after excuse, why they can't jump into the pool. All excuses have been eliminated! Why? Jesus is the pool; and the pool now comes to you.

Today, the Pool Comes to You! Hallelujah!

"And I, the Lord God, am stirring the waters in this time. I am not just sending My angel, not just one angel; but THE I AM is stirring the waters—but it is through My FIVEFOLD Ministry—My FIVE-FOLD COVERINGS! It's a picture of the Church. Can you see it? The pool of Bethesda has five coverings or five porches, and it is a pool of MY Spirit," says the Lord. "It's the Holy Spirit—a container of My POWER!

It's a picture of My Church. It's a pool, a container, a vessel of My Holy Spirit without measure that I am stirring! And each and every one of My Believers in the Church today that can jump into the 'pool' can receive what they need and be healed in this time, this side of Heaven."

The lame man by the pool of Bethesda did not jump into the pool of water but instead, jumped into the "pool" of Jesus. And Jesus said to him, "Rise, take up your bed and walk." This happened on the Sabbath day. You see, Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath and He is our “Rest;” He is the pool!

The pool came to the lame man. Jesus is the fullness of God in the earth, and He comes to you today to bring you rest, to bring you the true Sabbath day rest. So you can become a new creation in Jesus and become full and complete in Him.

He is the fullness of God incarnate. When you come into Jesus, you can be full and complete not lacking any one thing! Hallelujah!

Jesus is the Pool!

We see here in this pool of Bethesda, that this is a picture of fivefold ministry or five coverings over a pool of water, where a multitude of people are trying to get what they need if they can just get in. You see, Jesus is the pool today! Will you come to Jesus today? Will you come to the pool? And will you come into God's government, and into His fivefold ministry, His five porches? It's God's government. It's God's order. It's God's pattern.

Will you allow it to be established in your life and in the Church today? Jump into Jesus and get all that you need! Jump into Jesus; He is the Pool of Bethesda and He carries all that you need.

"I am building My 'Pools of Bethesda' all across the world in this time. They contain a pool of My Holy Spirit, a pool of My anointing power for miracles to be released that have no limits," says the Lord God Almighty.

"And this pool is underneath My five porches. It is my fivefold ministry, part of My government in the earth. Will you help establish these 'Pools of Bethesda' all across the globe? Will you be a part of this? And if you will say, 'Yes, Lord. Yes I will,' I will allow you to raise up fivefold ministry in your midst. And if you say, 'Yes, Lord, yes,'" God says, "Yes, I will. I will raise up the 'Pool of Bethesda' all over again in this hour.

Every Believer on the face of the earth can go to a 'Pool of Bethesda' and jump into it and receive all that they need.

"You see, I am releasing gifts of miracles, supernatural signs and wonders, and gifts of healing right now, more than have ever been released before. I, the Lord God, if you say, 'Yes, Lord, yes,' I will absolutely, positively, blow your carnal minds with what I am about to do in the earth.

Miracle after miracle after miracle, not just one at a time anymore, but 30 and 40 at a time! The limitations are coming off of My people to believe Me for the impossible.
Do not look with the sight of your eyes. If their condition bothers you, close your eyes, for this is the faith realm here, for I AM the God of the impossible, and there is nothing that I cannot do.

"I am building My 'Pools of Bethesda' and stirring the waters afresh and anew in your time today! Will you be a part of this spiritual building? Will you be a part of this release of My power and My anointing in the earth today?" says the Lord. "Open your heart and receive My Word engrafted into your spirit. Let it become a part of who you are, and the truth shall set you free. The truth shall set you free!"



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TC Avey said...

We've no excuse.
He is the great I AM!
He has come to set us free!
He is our "all in all".